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Greetings, summoners!

I'm a relatively new LoLer, I've played on and off since beta but not seriously until now. I'm level 20 right now and I've been performing relatively well, but I'd like to take my game a step further.

I play three heroes commonly (Mord, Ryze, and Soraka) and while I've gotten good, I'm still learning alot. I've noticed the guides here tend to do an ok job of explaining the hero, but there doesn't seem to be a general "here's how this game works" guide, explaining the concepts around laning and pushing. When to chase an enemy into a tower, when it's a bad idea, when going after neutral creeps is a good idea, etc. One thing I've been having a hard time with is playing Mord. The whole concept of tanking in this game is different from other MMO's and strategy games I've played, and it seems... wonky. Where do you like to research information around the game?

TL:DR: What's your favorite source for game information? leaguecraft, is the only one I know of, and it seems good, but alot of the guids I've looked at simply talk about brute force tactics, which only seems to get me so far.