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Just started playing, Bought Gangplank and need some advice

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since you're new you shoud probably worry about basic strategy before going into heavily debatable runes/masteries/builds..

some very basic tips:

The way you win this game is to get xp/gold faster than your opponents. only very rarely will the team with more gold/xp lose. Especially early game this should be your focus, you want to farm up so you're stronger than the opponents late game.

your main way to get gold by "last hitting" minions so do that as often as possible and practice it. Basically if you get the final blow before they die you get gold. This is your #1 priority from character levels 1-6 about.

also, early game, there is no reason to attack minions except to last hit. The minions spawn at the same speed regardless of how fast you kill them, so you don't level any faster by killing them faster, and killihng them too fast will "push" your lane, which can put you out of position. You don't want to push a lane unless you want to attack the turret, and you don't want to attack the turret until you're leveled up a bit. So basically ignore minions if they aren't low hp, if they are low hp kill them.

you get xp from being in the general area when an enemy minion or champion dies.

you also get lots of gold from killing enemy champions so if they screw up you should punhish them by killing them. Also don't die, if you die you "Feed" your opponents by giving them gold.

There are three lanes, most people pick one, but you can switch between lanes by going through jungle. Note that the monsters in the jungle do not attack you unless you attack them first. You can kill them for more extra xp/gold, but don't try it until you've leveled up a bit (either in summoner level or in character level).

You also get bonus gold/xp whenever enemy turrets die, but turrets are dangerous to try to kill at early character levels.

The first "phase" of the game is the laning phase, where everyone just farms minions in their own lanes.

at about character level 6 or so people will start switching lanes to "gank" or push turrets. it's sortof a blurry linhe, but eventually once a lot of turrets are down, everyone will group up for 5vs 5 fights in one lane or another. past about character level 13 or 14, sometimes sooner, you never want to go ANYWHERE away from your base without your team, got to stay together as a group. the only exception is if you're "split pushing" a lane (sometimes people will coordinate attacks on multiple lanes at once. Basically your team distracts while you kill a tower somewhere else. Only do this if you can already see all opponents on mini map... one way to see opponents on the mini map is to buy sight wards and put them everywhere).

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Oh and don't forget the most important thing...one liners..

YARRRR that be some an al plundering of your bootie!!

Yo ho yo ho a critpirates life for me!


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get a avarice blade first cus the gold per 5 still helps a lot. Then usually 2 Phantom Dancers, the CD boots, Infinity Edge and a Blood Thirster, then probably armor if needed. Level up Parlay and ur W first to get more gold per kill and stay in lane longer with heal. Be on the lookout for fights in other lanes and then just drop ur ult, this gives easy assists and as far as I know never kill steals.

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Rather than start an identical thread I'll ask my question here:

I have been learning GP myself and I consider myself somewhat experienced at LoL overall. My concern is that I am ending most games with tons of assists and very few kills. I tend to enter a fight with parlay and crit the piss out of the enemy only for the kill to be taken by someone else with a heavy hitting ability. I feel like it's extremely effective to remove someone from a teamfight by taking all their health early on but it is at the cost of a kill. As GP should I just greedy-it-up and only aim for those killing blows or am I right to be engaging with that ability first thing?

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I have had a lot of fun with tankplank. He's probably not very viable high-elo, but at a beginner range (me) i have had some decent games. The problem is that you do not do very much damage early game, but late game you can be quite strong.

My build goes like this:
1) Dorans shield (armor, health regen, flat hp... without hp runes it puts GP around 700 hp)
2) first trip back, boots 1 and as much of a warmogs i can get
3) finish warmogs, finish boots (merc treads or cooldown boots) start building atmas impaler
4) from here, everything is situational lotta casters i go force of nature/banshees. lotta autoattack champs i go sunfire and thornmail
5) finally i build phantom dancer

the end result is a very fast, very tanky GP who can still dish out nice damage with his atma's impaler. its probably not the best build for him, but i have a lot of fun with it. early game is tough but you really start to shine mid and late game!