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Different Idea for Levi

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I know the the amount of stacks added is going to change, but that still leaves a pretty strong item for assassin type champions. I would suggest changing the added health to added armor/MR. Say the item is made up of cloth armor (but in total costs the same) and adds 15 armor and MR and stacks up adding 5 armor and 5 MR.

It's just off seeing a Kat with 4k hp and not focusing tank gear.

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Senior Member


If she's got 4k HP and all she's got is a leviathan, than she's got the thing maxed. What's making her hard to kill is that 15% damage reduction, not the health it's giving.

Kat with 4k HP dies pretty much as fast as Kat with 2k HP. She's got **** for armor so carries can blow her to pieces.

Leviathan being HP is fine.

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Rysan Marquise

Senior Member



+180 HP

Gain 1 stack for a kill or assist.

You lose 1/5th your stacks upon death (rounded up).

You gain 40 health per stack.

At 20 stacks, your champion takes 15% less damage.

Becomes less valid for carries because it is harder for them to max out given the current assist system. Still is good for tanking. Stack quality raised slightly to compensate for the reduced rates of stack gain from no kill bonus. Becomes as good as a giants belt at 8 stacks.