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Question on Balance

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I'm sure you have tested it, but could some of the balancing factors be explained a little better? The way I understand it is that there are no turrets. Champions with cheap, fast, and powerful builds seem to be the most likely to dominate because of this. If you get a build in 2 minutes that will completely wreck the other team 2 minutes in from your raw dps output, and they have nowhere to run, where is the balance? I see the slower champions not even being used in this mode, and even though support increases survivability, early game there only real method of doing this was assisting the other champion long enough to get back to the tower alive, without a tower to serve that purpose, support loses a lot of effectiveness early game. I can see this making many, many champions virtually obsolete, but if there are some good solid ways you balance them, I would love to know. This is a serious question, I'm not hating on riot, I just want some things clarified a little better, that's all. Of course, if this has already been answered I apologize, but please don't yell at me just because I want to know more about this potentially fantastic addition to an already great game.