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Building an AP Ezreal who can survive

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Ok. After breaking the forums, I decided to just re-post my thread

--- This isn't a guide, I'm looking for feedback and discussion ----

I've played Ezreal for 60-70 games and I'm winning about half the time, althought more recently I'm getting more wins than losses. I also either kill and assist a lot and die a few times, or kill little, assist a lot and a die a little bit more.

I've decided to try and re-do my strategy to get try and solve all the issues Ezreal has. As I see it, Ezreal needs from items/masteries/runes:

- More HP
- More MP
- More MP regen
- Speed
- AP

The trouble I find is that to get high amounts of everything, it is costly to get the items and there is always one item that you would end up getting too late for it to really benefit. Therefore I have tried to come up with a build that uses cheap items to give a bit of everything that allows you to get them all comfortably in an average game.

- Summoner Spells -

Clarity - Pretty useful right up until late game - although this build gets more max mana and this may not be needed

Flash - Good for escaping with E.

Exhaust - I haven't really used exhaust much, but I'm thinking of replacing Flash with it. Might be better for chasing down enemies with.

- Masteries -


Archmages Savvy 3/3
Deadliness 1/3
Sorcery 4/4
Archaic Knowledge 1/1

Perserverance 3/3
Good Hands 1/3 -
Expanded Mind 4/4
Awareness 1/4 -
Meditation 3/3
Utility Mastery 2/2 - For Golem
Quickness 3/3
Intelligence 3/3
Presence of the Master 1/1

Notes: Is it better to get 2 points in Good hands instead of having 1 in 'Awareness?
I didn't put anything in Insight - Should I be more of a team player and put the point from 'awareness' into it?

- Runes -

Red: Magic Pen
Yellow: MP/5
Blue: CDR
Quint: MP/5 - to reduce need for items

- Items -

1: Sapphire Crystal + 2 hp potions
2: Sheen
3: Boots of Speed - will be upgraded later, but I want other items first
4: Mejais - Just the right time for lots of ganks
5: Rod of Ages - Need this ASAP so left sorc boots till after
6: Sorc Boots
7: Lich Bane

Note: Until this point, 8,840 gold is spent which I think is feasible for any game. You have +650 hp, +1,127 mana, 46.4 MP/5, 350 max AP (180 guaranteed).
My quesiton is this: Would more mana be a good idea?

8: Mana Manipulator - It's only 400 gold, but is it pointless now?
9: Zhonya's - get as number 8?

Final item build:

1: Sorcerors Boots
2: Mejai's Soulstealer
3: Lich Bane
4: Rod of Ages
5: Zhonya's Ring
6: Mana manipulator?


The build:
http://www.leaguecraft.com/builder/E...a2f0755c77c978 (http://www.leaguecraft.com/builder/Ezreal/62345fbddb10b803bba2f0755c77c978)

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Waiting that long for boots 2 seems like a bad idea.

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Step 1: Take Ghost as your first summoner skill.
Step 2: Take Clairvoyance as your second summoner skill.
Step 3: Grab an Innervating Locket
Step 4: ????

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Step 1: Take Ghost as your first summoner skill.
Step 2: Take Clairvoyance as your second summoner skill.
Step 3: Grab an Innervating Locket
Step 4: ????

Summoner skills make no sense.

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I use Clairvoyance as it works well with Ez....my other one depends on what the rest of the team uses.

I don't find my survivability to be too much of an issue though since going AP gives you a fair bit of distance to work with. I'd rather focus on getting those AP items. Besides the flash skill built into Ez, could be helpful to take the actual Flash skill...should give you plenty of escapability....or Ghost as the other poster recommended. Either work rather well for getting away. You shouldn't be in the thick of things anyways.

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To solve mana problems, I always start with a dorans ring and instead of sheen I get a tear of the goddess as soon as I have 980 gold. This way I build up my mana all game while I spam level 1 Q to keep my passive up and my ult cooling down. Then eventually it builds into Archangels which gives me a ****ton of an AP boost late game. Also, getting a Zhonyas but no Archangel Staff is simply insane in my opinion.
[Edit]: Apparently, Zhonyas gives no +mana. For some reason I thought it gave 500 lol.

For survivability, I go for Rylais instead of RoA. This is a very debatable choice but I feel like unless I start building RoA first thing it isn't really worth it.

I see a lot of people build Lich Bane on Ezreal, and while this can be somewhat viable, I think that the item slot would be better filled with something like Abyssal Scepter or Void Staff for full out AP build.

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A lot of people say Ezreal doesn't need Flash because of his E, but I think they're not looking at what an insanely mobile Ez can really do.

Wall hopping, harassing, and flashing back over is pretty great. I feel that with his skilled flash and the summoner flash, I can escape just about anything.

How I play Ezreal is just harassing the hell out of them with Q, and then calling in a teammate or two and knocking out some enemy champs with Ulti. Having his teleport and flash let me harass easily, and then in the team fights I am in the back.

I don't have that much experience on Ez yet, but it's working for me.

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If your problem is survivability, the one spell you absolutely must have is cleanse. I have a difficult time not taking it on almost every champ because it is so useful against any sort of match up.

@poster who said Lich Bane is not worth a slot: With a lich bane, you have 3 short-cooldown nukes instead of 2. With yet another way to channel all that AP you should have from a soulstealer, you should never skip out on a Lich Bane.

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First, I should admit that I am cribbing from other, better players. I'm still pretty new, Ez is hella fun, but I was dying more than I should have been. I also tend to play on Twisted Treeline, which seems to have a a slightly different gank dynamic than Summoner's Rift.

Anyway, here's the advice I got which has helped me quite a bit.

1. I used to use Clarity and Flash, now I use Clarity and Cleanse. I found I was dying almost always as a result of stuns or heavy snares. And while Flash and Cleanse can both get me out of that spot, Flash has a 4 min cooldown, while Cleanse is only 2 min. Using Cleanse has basically cut my number of deaths in half.

Maybe as I get better, I'll go back to Flash. I dunno.

2. I throw Mystic Shot into bushes a lot more. Which I can do because of 3:

3. I used to level up Mystic Shot earlier, pushing the Sheen + Lichbane build. Now I leave Mystic Shot at 1 longer, and level Arcane Shift instead. Mystic Shot stays at the very low 30 mana, while Arcane Shift doesn't change mana cost. I find I'm not OOM nearly as often, especially early-mid game, even if I'm last hitting or checking for ganks constantly.

4. I swapped in dodge runes. It isn't much, but it helps.

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AP ez try

Rod of Ages
Sorcerer boots
haunting guise
Ryalia's staff

also a z ring will let u survive for a bit...but cant guarantee =P

that well give you enough health and ull up to 40 magic which will be either all or 3/4 of someones MR if there not stacking

also Cleanse/ghost is great for survival