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[Guide] Veritas's Guide to Every Champion

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This is going to be a compilation of short guides for each champion in the game. This guide is more focused on beginners. When I first started playing Dota, Piemonger's guide to every hero helped me out a ton by telling me what items to get, what skills to go, and a short description of how to play the hero. If anyone has any additions/suggestions/comments, please feel free to shout out! I don't know how to play a few of the heroes as well as possible, so I'll be taking guide suggestions from the higher-rated ELO players in League of Legends. Also note that this isn't the end-all guide to a champion, it's just one way to play them, and it works.

Alistar, The Minotaur

1. Pulverize
2. Headbutt
3. Triumphant Roar
4. Triumphant Roar
5. Triumphant Roar
6. Unbreakable Will
7. Triumphant Roar
8. Pulverize
9. Triumphant Roar
10. Pulverize
11. Unbreakable Will
12. Pulverize
13. Pulverize
14. Headbutt
15. Headbutt
16. Unbreakable Will
17. Headbutt
18. Headbutt

- Innervating Locket
- Ninja Tabi/Boots of Swiftness
- Force of Nature
- Warmog's Living Armor
- Rod of Ages

Amumu, The Sad Mummy

1. Bandage Toss
2. Tantrum
3. Tantrum
4. Despair
5. Tantrum
6. Curse of the Sad Mummy
7. Tantrum
8. Despair
9. Tantrum
10. Despair
11. Curse of the Sad Mummy
12. Despair
13. Despair
14. Bandage Toss
15. Bandage Toss
16. Curse of the Sad Mummy
17. Bandage Toss
18. Bandage Toss

- Chalice of Harmony
- Ninja Tabi
- Sunfire Cape
- Rod of Ages or Multiple Sunfire Capes

Aniva, The Cryopheonix

1. Flash Frost
2. Frostbite
3. Frostbite
4. Crystallize
5. Frostbite
6. Glacial Storm
7. Frostbite
8. Flash Frost
9. Frostbite
10. Flash Frost
11. Glacial Storm
12. Flash Frost
13. Flash Frost
14. Crystallize
15. Crystallize
16. Glacial Storm
17. Crystallize
18. Crystallize

- Tear of the Goddess
- Sorcerer's Shoes
- Mejai's Soulstealer
- Rod of Ages

Annie, The Dark Child

1. Disintegrate
2. Incinerate
3. Disintegrate
4. Incinerate
5. Disintegrate
6. Infernal Guardian
7. Disintegrate
8. Incinerate
9. Disintegrate
10. Incinerate
11. Infernal Guardian
12. Incinerate
13. Molten Shield
14. Molten Shield
15. Molten Shield
16. Infernal Guardian
17. Molten Shield
18. Molten Shield

- Sorcerer's Shoes
- Tear of the Goddess
- Mejai's Soulstealer
- Zhonya's Ring
- Rod of Ages

Ashe, The Frost Ranger

1. Frost Shot
2. Volley
3. Volley
4. Frost Shot
5. Volley
6. Enchanted Crystal Arrow
7. Volley
8. Frost Shot
9. Volley
10. Frost Shot
11. Enchanted Crystal Arrow
12. Frost Shot
13. Plentiful Bounty
14. Plentiful Bounty
15. Plentiful Bounty
16. Enchanted Crystal Arrow
17. Plentiful Bounty
18. Plentiful Bounty

- Philosopher's Stone
- Boots of Swiftness/Berserker's
- Banshee's Veil
- Phage/Frozen Mallet
- Infinity Edge

Ashe's role in the game is obviously the 'carry'. She is designed to be a high damage
dealer during the late portion of the game. More specifically, her slows and her stuns allow her to set up ganks until she can actually become useful with her damage late game. Many people overlook this trait and instead focus too much on farming, leaving their team outnumbered for a large portion of the game. You should focus on farming up your veil as quickly as possible early game. If you're not doing well in a lane, ask for a switch. It is extremely important that you do this early.

Blitzcrank, The Steam Golem


1. Rupture
2. Feral Scream
3. Rupture
4. Vorpal Spikes
5. Rupture
6. Feast
7. Rupture
8. Vorpal Spikes
9. Rupture
10. Vorpal Spikes
11. Feast
12. Vorpal Spikes
13. Vorpal Spikes
14. Feral Scream
15. Feral Scream
16. Feast
17. Feral Scream
18. Feral Scream

Dr. Mundo

1. Infected Cleaver
2. Burning Agony
3. Infected Cleaver
4. Masochism
5. Infected Cleaver
6. Sadism
7. Infected Cleaver
8. Burning Agony
9. Infected Cleaver
10. Burning Agony
11. Sadism
12. Burning Agony
13. Burning Agony
14. Masochism
15. Masochism
16. Sadism
17. Masochism
18. Masochism

- Boots of Swiftness
- Sunfire Cape
- Sunfire Cape
- Sunfire Cape


1. Shadow Walk
2. Hate Spike
3. Hate Spike
4. Ravage
5. Hate Spike
6. Malice and Spite
7. Hate Spike
8. Ravage
9. Hate Spike
10. Ravage
11. Malice and Spite
12. Ravage
13. Ravage
14. Shadow Walk
15. Shadow Walk
16. Malice and Spite
17. Shadow Walk
18. Shadow Walk

- Sorcerer's Shoes
- Mejai's Soulstealer
- Lichbane
- Rod of Ages/Banshee's Veil

Fiddlesticks, The Scarecrow

1. Drain
2. Terrify
3. Dark Wind
4. Drain
5. Drain
6. Crowstorm
7. Drain
8. Terrify
9. Drain
10. Terrify
11. Crowstorm
12. Terrify
13. Terrify
14. Dark Wind
15. Dark Wind
16. Crowstorm
17. Dark Wind
18. Dark Wind

- Sorcerer's Shoes/Boots of Swiftness
- Banshee's Veil/Rod of Ages

Gangplank, The Pirate

1. Parrrley
2. Remove Scurvy
3. Parrrley
4. Raise Morale
5. Parrrley
6. Cannon Barrage
7. Parrrley
8. Raise Morale
9. Parrrley
10. Raise Morale
11. Cannon Barrage
12. Raise Morale
13. Raise Morale
14. Remove Scurvy
15. Remove Scurvy
16. Cannon Barrage
17. Remove Scurvy
18. Remove Scurvy


Jax, The Master of Arms

1. Leap Strike/Counterattack
2. Counterattack/Leap Strike
3. Empower
4. Empower
5. Empower
6. Relentless Assault
7. Empower
8. Counterattack/Leap Strike
9. Empower
10. Counterattack/Leap Strike
11. Relentless Assault
12. Counterattack/Leap Strike
13. Counterattack/Leap Strike
14. Counterattack/Leap Strike
15. Counterattack/Leap Strike
16. Relentless Assault
17. Counterattack/Leap Strike
18. Counterattack/Leap Strike

- Ninja Tabi
- Phage/Frozen Mallet
- Infinite Edge/Black Cleaver
- Atma's Impaler

Karthus, The Lich

1. Lay Waste
2. Defile
3. Lay Waste
4. Wall of Pain
5. Lay Waste
6. Requiem
7. Lay Waste
8. Defile
9. Lay Waste
10. Defile
11. Requiem
12. Defile
13. Defile
14. Wall of Pain
15. Wall of Pain
16. Requiem
17. Wall of Pain
18. Wall of Pain

- Tear of the Goddess
- Sorcerer's Shoes
- Mejai's Soulstealer
- Zhonya's Ring
- Archangel's Staff

Lich is probably one of my favorite heroes in the game. He's extremely powerful both early and late game. Lay Waste is fantastic for overpowering any hero 1v1. In a lane against Ashe (or any squishy hero) you should be harassing, chasing, and getting kills. Defile costs too much mana to actually use offensively early on, so unless you're sure it'll net you a kill, don't use it against champions. One point is taken in Wall of Pain since more than one is usually an overkill. Your job in teamfights is to lead off with wall, and then proceed to Defile/Lay Waste spam. Remember, you can cast after dying so take that advantage, to throw out a wall and get some kills! You should also be constantly aware of enemy champion's health, as your ultimate will hit every champion on the map. Beware, if you get killed while it is channeling, it will cancel and you'll be down an ultimate.

Kassadin, The Riftwalker

1. Null Sphere
2. Force Pulse
3. Null Sphere
4. Force Pulse
5. Null Sphere
6. Riftwalk
7. Null Sphere
8. Force Pulse
9. Null Sphere
10. Force Pulse
11. Riftwalk
12. Force Pulse
13. Nether Blade
14. Nether Blade
15. Nether Blade
16. Riftwalk
17. Nether Blade
18. Nether Blade

- Tear of the Goddess
- Sorcerer's Treads
- Rod of Ages
- Mejai's Soulstealer
- Archangel's Staff

Kayle, The Judicator

1. Reckoning
2. Intervention
3. Reckoning
4. Intervention/Divine Blessing
5. Reckoning
6. Righteous Fury
7. Reckoning
8. Intervention/Divine Blessing
9. Reckoning
10. Intervention/Divine Blessing
11. Righteous Fury
12. Intervention/Divine Blessing
13. Diving Blessing/Intervention
14. Diving Blessing/Intervention
15. Diving Blessing/Intervention
16. Righteous Fury
17. Diving Blessing/Intervention
18. Diving Blessing/Intervention

- Sorcerer's Treads
- Mejai's Soulstealer
- Lichbane
- Rod of Ages/Zhonya's Ring

Playing Judicator as an ability power machine really is the way to go. Reckoning is a huge damage nuke which can easily be spammed in a lane, keeping enemy champions at bay. Intervention will allow you to tower dive and chase, especially if the enemy has that one Reckoning hit left. Righteous Fury will give a ton of damage to Judicator. Coupled with reckoning, you should have no problem taking enemies down. You can play Judicator as a tank and pick up Warmog's/FoN and other tank items, but I prefer playing her as a carry.


1. Seismic Shard
2. Ground Slam
3. Seismic Shard
4. Ground Slam
5. Seismic Shard
6. Unstoppable Force
7. Seismic Shard
8. Ground Slam
9. Seismic Shard
10. Ground Slam
11. Unstoppable Force
12. Ground Slam
13. Brutal Strikes
14. Brutal Strikes
15. Brutal Strikes
16. Unstoppable Force
17. Brutal Strikes
18. Brutal Strikes

Master Yi

1. Alpha Strike
2. Meditate/Wuju Style
3. Alpha Strike
4. Meditate/Wuju Style
5. Alpha Strike
6. Highlander
7. Alpha Strike
8. Meditate/Wuju Style
9. Alpha Strike
10. Meditate/Wuju Style
11. Highlander
12. Meditate/Wuju Style
13. Meditate/Wuju Style
14. Meditate/Wuju Style
15. Meditate/Wuju Style
16. Highlander
17. Meditate/Wuju Style
18. Meditate/Wuju Style

- Berserker's Greaves
- Phage/Frozen Mallet
- Infinity Edge/Black Cleaver/Bloodthirster
- Atma's Impaler


1. Dark Binding
2. Black Shield
3. Tormented Soil
4. Tormented Soil
5. Tormented Soil
6. Soul Shackles
7. Tormented Soil
8. Black Shield/Dark Binding
9. Tormented Soil
10. Black Shield/Dark Binding
11. Soul Shackles
12. Black Shield/Dark Binding
13. Black Shield/Dark Binding
15. Black Shield/Dark Binding
16. Soul Shackles
17. Black Shield/Dark Binding
18. Black Shield/Dark Binding

- Sorcerer's Shoes
- Soul Shrour
- Frozen Heart/Rod of Ages

Nunu, The Yeti Rider

1. Ice Blast
2. Consume
3. Ice Blast
4. Consume
5. Ice Blast
6. Absolute Zero
7. Ice Blast
8. Consume
9. Ice Blast
10. Consume
11. Absolute Zero
12. Consume
13. Blood Boil
14. Blood Boil
15. Blood Boil
16. Absolute Zero
17. Blood Boil
18. Blood Boil

- Sorcerer's Shoes/Boots of Swiftness
- Mejai's Soulstealer
- Lichbane/Rod of Ages
- Banshee's Veil

Rammus, The Armordillo

1. Powerball
2. Puncturing Taunt
3. Powerball
4. Defensive Ball Curl
5. Powerball
6. Tremors
7. Powerball
8. Defensive Ball Curl
9. Powerball
10. Defensive Ball Curl
11. Tremors
12. Defensive Ball Curl
13. Defensive Ball Curl
14. Puncturing Taunt
15. Puncturing Taunt
16. Tremors
17. Puncturing Taunt
18. Puncturing Taunt

- Ninja Tabi
- Sunfire Cape
- Guardian Angel
- Atma's Impaler


1. Rune Prison
2. Overload
3. Rune Prison
4. Overload
5. Overload
6. Spell Flux
7. Overload
8. Rune Prison
9. Overload
10. Rune Prison
11. Spell Flux
12. Rune Prison
13. Arcane Mastery
14. Arcane Mastery
15. Arcane Mastery
16. Spell Flux
17. Arcane Mastery
18. Arcane Mastery

- Sorcerer's Shoes
- Mejai's Soulstealer
- Zhonya's Ring
- Rod of Ages/Archangel's Staff


1. Fling
2. Mega Adhesive
3. Fling
4. Poison Trail
5. Fling
6. Insanity Potion
7. Fling
8. Poison Trail
9. Fling
10. Poison Trail
11. Insanity Potion
12. Poison Trail
13. Poison Trail
14. Mega Adhesive
15. Mega Adhesive
16. Insanity Potion
17. Mega Adhesive
18. Mega Adhesive

- Boots of Swiftness
- Rod of Ages
- Banshee's Veil
- Force of Nature
- Rod of Ages (x2)


1. Cryptic Gaze
2. Enrage
3. Enrage
4. Death's Caress
5. Enrage
6. Cannibalism
7. Enrage
8. Cryptic Gaze
9. Enrage
10. Cryptic Gaze
11. Cannibalism
12. Cryptic Gaze
13. Cryptic Gaze
14. Death's Caress
15. Death's Caress
16. Cannibalism
17. Death's Caress
18. Death's Caress

- Boots of Swiftness/Berserker's Greaves
- Phage/Frozen Mallet
- Infinite Edge
- Atma's Impaler

Sivir, The Battle Mistress

1. Spiral Blade
2. Spell Shield
3. Spiral Blade
4. Ricochet
5. Spiral Blade
6. On The Hunt
7. Spiral Blade
8. Ricochet
9. Spiral Blade
10. Ricochet
11. On The Hunt
12. Ricochet
13. Ricochet
14. Spell Shield
15. Spell Shield
16. On The Hunt
17. Spell Shield
18. Spell Shield

- Berserker's Treads
- Black Cleaver/Infinity Edge
- Phage/Frozen Mallet
- Any survivability item

Sivir is fairly strange hero. Her skills offer no escape, she gets no true 'carry' ability, and she gets killed fairly easily. But all that doesn't detract from her true power - as a pusher!

You can use Sivir's nuke to take out entire waves of minions, quickly making your way to a tower. Ricochet will let you clean up the few minions that don't get hit by the nuke. Using On the Hunt near a tower will pretty much guarantee a tower kill. Remember, it buffs minions as well as allied champions, so make sure to take advantage of it! You should be teleporting around the map, pushing as many towers as you can as Sivir.


1. Astral Blessing
2. Infuse
3. Astral Blessing
4. Infuse
5. Astral Blessing/Infuse
6. Wish
7. Astral Blessing
8. Infuse
9. Astral Blessing
10. Infuse/Astral Blessing
11. Wish
12. Infuse
13. Starcall
14. Starcall
15. Starcall
16. Wish
17. Starcall
18. Starcall

- Sorcerer's Treads
- Innervating Locket
- Soul Shroud
- Aegis of the Legion


1. Dazzle
2. Imbue
3. Imbue
4. Shatter
5. Imbue
6. Radiance
7. Imbue
8. Dazzle
9. Imbue
10. Dazzle
11. Radiance
12. Dazzle
13. Dazzle
14. Shatter
15. Shatter
16. Radiance
17. Shatter
18. Shatter

- Soul Shroud
- Sorcerer's Shoes/Ninja Tabi
- Rod of Ages
- Tear of the Goddess

Teemo, The Scout

1. Toxic Shot
2. Blinding Dart/Move Quick
3. Toxic Shot
4. Blinding Dart
5. Toxic Shot
6. Bantam Trap
7. Toxic Shot
8. Blinding Dart
9. Toxic Shot
10. Blinding Dart
11. Bantam Trap
12. Blinding Dart
13. Blinding Dart/Move Quick
14. Move Quick
15. Move Quick
16. Bantam Trap
17. Move Quick
18. Move Quick

- Boots of Swiftness/Berserker's Treads
- Phage/Frozen Mallet
- Wit's End
- Infinite Edge/Black Cleaver


1. Rocket Jump
2. Explosive Shot
3. Explosive Shot
4. Rapid Fire
5. Explosive Shot
6. Buster Shot
7. Explosive Shot
8. Rapid Fire
9. Explosive Shot
10. Rapid Fire
11. Buster Shot
12. Rapid Fire
13. Rapid Fire
14. Rocket Jump
15. Rocket Jump
16. Buster Shot
17. Rocket Jump
18. Rocket Jump

- Berserker's Greaves
- Frozen Mallet
- Infinity Edge
- Atma's Impaler

Tryndamere, The Barbarian

1. Spinning Slash
2. Mocking Shout
3. Bloodlust
4. Spinning Slash
5. Spinning Slash
6. Undying Rage
7. Spinning Slash
8. Bloodlust
9. Spinning Slash
10. Bloodlust
11. Undying Rage
12. Bloodlust
13. Bloodlust
14. Mocking Shout
15. Mocking Shout
16. Undying Rage
17. Mocking Shout
18. Mocking shout

- Warmog's Living Armor
- Berserker's Greaves
- Frozen Mallet
- Atma's Impaler

Twisted Fate, The Cardmaster

1. Pick a Card
2. Gate
3. Wild Cards
4. Wild Cards
5. Wild Cards
6. Destiny
7. Wild Cards
8. Pick a Card
9. Wild Cards
10. Pick a Card
11. Destiny
12. Pick a Card
13. Pick a Card
14. Gate
15. Gate
16. Destiny
17. Gate
18. Gate

- Tear of the Goddess
- Berserker's Greaves or Sorcerer's Shoes
- Lichbane
- Rod of Ages or Banshee's Veil

Even though Twisted Fate's cards have gone through a ton of changes, his role as a pusher is still the same. Putting more than one point into Pick a Card early on is pointless, since Wild Cards will put out more damage and is most potent early on. Gate allows you to traverse the entire map quickly and Tear will give you the mana to spam your Wild Cards all day. Pick a Card can be freely casted with no penalty, as it costs very little mana to use.

Twitch, The Plague Rat

1. Expunge
2. Ambush
3. Expunge
4. Debilitating Poison
5. Expunge
6. Ambush
7. Expunge
8. Ambush
9. Expunge
10. Ambush
11. Ambush
12. Spray and Pray
13. Spray and Pray
14. Debilitating Poison
15. Debilitating Poison
16. Spray and Pray
17. Debilitating Poison
18. Debilitating Poison

- Boots of Swiftness
- Black Cleaver
- Phage
- Infinite Edge

Twitch's abilities all synergize very well, making him an excellent ganker as well as having great lane control. His passive gives him the ability to harass an enemy champion early on with just your normal autoattack. Expunge will put out tons of damage and has a relatively low manacost. One point in Debilitating Poison is taken early just so you can pump out more shots into the enemy, and as a chasing utility until you get your phage. Spray and Pray should be used against towers, as it is extremely easy to dodge and will get you killed if you try and use it against champions. You don't really need more than one point in Ambush early on either, since you won't have any trouble reaching the maximum poison stacks of (6).


1. Baleful Strike
2. Event Horizon
3. Baleful Strike
4. Dark Matter
5. Baleful Strike
6. Primordial Burst
7. Baleful Strike
8. Dark Matter
9. Baleful Strike
10. Dark Matter
11. Primordial Burst
12. Dark Matter
13. Dark Matter
14. Event Horizon
15. Event Horizon
16. Primordial Burst
17. Event Horizon
18. Event Horizon

- Tear of the Goddess
- Sorcerer's Shoes
- Mejai's Soulstealer
- Zhonya's Ring
- Archangel's Staff

Veigar's are a little bit more difficult to learn than your average nuker. You should be using your baleful strike to last hit creeps for extra ability power and harassing your opponent as it gets stronger. Dark Matter is a fantastic farming ability as well as a large AoE nuke. If you use it in conjunction with Event Horizon, you can usually hit enemy champions with it every time. His ultimate is fantastic against heroes that rush Tear such as Lich and Cryopheonix. In teamfights, try to use your Event Horizon in a way where it stuns as many people as possible. His items are fairly self explanatory: He should be getting as much ability power as possible. If you're having trouble surviving, I suggest picking up a Rod of Ages or a Frozen Heart.


1. Hungering Strike
2. Hunter's Call
3. Hungering Strike
4. Blood Scent
5. Hungering Strike
6. Infinite Duress
7. Hungering Strike
8. Blood Scent/Hunter's Call
9. Hungering Strike
10. Blood Scent/Hunter's Call
11. Infinite Duress
12. Blood Scent/Hunter's Call
13. Blood Scent/Hunter's Call
14. Blood Scent/Hunter's Call
15. Blood Scent/Hunter's Call
16. Infinite Duress
17. Blood Scent/Hunter's Call
18. Blood Scent/Hunter's Call

- Madred's Razor
- Berserker's Greaves
- Phage/Frozen Mallet
- Infinity Edge/Bloodthirster/Black Cleaver
- Banshee's Veil

Warwick is a relatively weak hero until you realize all his abilities make him fantastic at killing neutral minion camps in the jungle. I don't want to go in depth with a jungling guide, since TiberiousAudley has written a fantastic one already. I highly suggest learning to jungle with him, since he can't do much in a lane. Infinite Duress is a fantastic ganking/chasing/initiating tool. Not only can you initiate your slow with it (Phage/Lizard), but using it on an important champion will turn the tide of a battle, since it's basically a guaranteed kill. Your job will be the late game carry. You should be assisting lanes with ganks early on, as you can chase pretty well with Blood Scent.

Warwick, the Jungle King (http://beta.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1837) by TiberiusAudley

Zilean, The Master of Time

1. Time Warp
2. Time Bomb
3. Time Bomb
4. Rewind
5. Time Bomb
6. Chrono Shift
7. Time Bomb
8. Time Warp
9. Time Bomb
10. Time Warp
11. Chrono Shift
12. Time Warp
13. Time Warp
14. Rewind
15. Rewind
16. Chrono Shift
17. Rewind
18. Rewind

- Tear of the Goddess
- Sorcerer's Shoes
- Mejai's Soulstealer
- Rod of Ages
- Zhonya's Ring

Zilean is a heavy support hero that you can play two different ways. The first is the one that's probably a bit more fun but less useful. Time Bomb is a fantastic farming/harassing tool that puts a timed nuke on an enemy. Stacking ability power to give your Time Bomb some serious damage output can potentially do 1000+ damage to the entire team! Using Time Warp will slow an enemy or speed up an ally. It's hard to really judge when to use it, but generally if an ally is trying to catch up to use an ability it should be used on them. Try to use your ultimate (Chrono Shift) near-death. Using it too early could be a waste. Chrono Shift is fantastic for making an entire team waste their ultimates to kill one champion to ultimately see them rise again.

Rewind will refresh the cooldown on Time Bomb completely, allowing you to place two at once as well as shorten Chrono Shift and Time Warp's cooldown greatly.

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Edit: Complete guide in 2 hours or I have your limbs!

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Working on it :P

Don't think I'll finish in 2 hours though. There are a few heroes that I'm iffy on that I have to ask people about.

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Senior Member


More conceptual explanation/skill synergy, less skill builds. The builds aren't necessarily always like that depending on match up; Dota heroes generally don't have any better alternatives than their "ideal build" like nuke/stats/nuke/stats, as well as having (relatively) useless "filler" skills.

Just from reading Ashe's section, I still can't tell what Ashe is capable of, and even if I build according to this guide, what do I do with those skills?

Edit: still, looking forward to a huge guide.

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More conceptual explanation/skill synergy, less skill builds. The builds aren't necessarily always like that depending on match up; Dota heroes generally don't have any better alternatives than their "ideal build" like nuke/stats/nuke/stats, as well as having (relatively) useless "filler" skills.

Just from reading Ashe's section, I still can't tell what Ashe is capable of, and even if I build according to this guide, what do I do with those skills?

Edit: still, looking forward to a huge guide.

This is going to be a barebones guide for beginners - I'm going to be adding in a 'how to play' section for each hero.

It's just nice if you're starting out the game, since actually being good at LoL requires knowledge of what each hero does. Also, you don't have to ask 'what skills should I get' and 'what items should I go' every game :P

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You should also add a section where you explain what a skill does and how people use it, because seeing it from a beginners perspective is better for them to know how each skill is used than to know in what order to get them.

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You should also add a section where you explain what a skill does and how people use it, because seeing it from a beginners perspective is better for them to know how each skill is used than to know in what order to get them.

I might do something like this after I finish doing builds/explanations, but I'll probably just include a short description of how the hero works and how to use the skills.

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Why is it impossible to find a decent taric guide. Is he really that terrible?

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Senior Member


you don't need a decent taric guide to be a decent taric. He's hella von shizzle with the fabulous razzle dazzle rockin his bling and shattering your nizzle, dog.

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Mad Rar

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nice work Veritas. Quite a fan.

Not sure if this guide is the place for it, but I really want to see something about item utility early on. Personally, if I'm anything ranged that will need a rod of ages / tear of the goddess / banshee's veil I'm nabbing the mana stone for a bit extra in the tank and also to push towards that item. A lot of players will follow the cookie cutter regen item that their character's shop suggests, without considering what they're building it towards, or better yet they'll get a philo stone because it's a philo stone. Useful, absolutely, but not always.

Granted, maybe this is the guide for me to write...
thanks again.