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2 Issues I just recently had

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I've been using the mac client for a while and really the only problem I've had with it is the veigar loading screen picture which is not really an issue for me. But the last week I had a problem with my game where it became semi-responsive. When I say semi responsive it was like the game was lagging so it counted my clicks in real time an my champion moved to my clicks as I had done them (I know cause my friend told me later) but it wasn't showing up on my screen. It wasn't quite freezing cause it was more sparatic, it was more like a sudden drop to a decimal framerate. I discounted it as lag at the time (but no everyone else in the game had not had any lag and made that very clear to me because I died in the shenannigans that happened twice that game. But the other day I had a problem where my e ability ring wouldn't go away (I was playing lux so it was her light ball). So i was walking around with this giant blue ring around me, my cursor was normal and everything worked fine but I just had this giant blue ring around me that I could only get rid of by using the ability and then once the ability cooled down, the ring would reappear, the problem went away after about a minute, but still a slight bug.

Macbook pro 15"
2.53 Ghz i5
(sorry I don't know what settings I play on I haven't changed anything though)

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Hi and welcome to the forums
I will try and respond to your problems.

1). With regard to the lag, i can't really help you unless you tell me what your OS and in game settings are, and i need to know what graphics card you are using - are u on the higher performance battery settings or on the longer life?

2). This isn't exactly a fixable bug by us rather humble players, but one thing that seems to work for me all the time is, whenever this shows up, no matter who the hero, just hit the recall button and sometimes u dont' even need to actually recall, but the skill resets itself.

Post your graphics, OS, and battery settings and i'll try and help you with your FPS issues as well