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[Champion Suggestion] Stephen, the Internet OmniTroll

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Stephen, the Internet OmniTroll

He is a part of the internet hate machine and does everything "for the lulz". He doesn't care what the topic is and will toss up random image macros everywhere. His actions live in infamy and has given him his place in this League of Legends

Stephen is a a ranged fighter that holds a laptop in a front strap, sending out lulzy text to do damage.

Image Macro -

Passive - He tosses a random image macro at the foe, the non-sensical nature of it confuses him for a moment. The foe will be snared for a set time.

Rank 1: 1.5 seconds

Rank 2: 1.6 seconds

Rank 3: 1.7 seconds

Rank 4: 2 seconds

Rank 5: 2.5 seconds

Non-Sensical Logic -

Passive/Active - When passive due to his crazy manner of thinking he has an extra buff to armor and magic resist. When used it becomes active for a short period increasing his crit chance and dmg. While active and on cooldown the passive does not take affect.

Rank 1: 5/5 Magic Resistance/Armor // 3/5% Crit Chance/Crit Damage

Rank 2: 10/10 Magic Resistance/Armor // 7/10% Crit Chance/Crit Damage

Rank 3: 15/15 Magic Resistance/Armor // 13/15% Crit Chance/Crit Damage

Rank 4: 20/20 Magic Resistance/Armor // 18/20% Crit Chance/Crit Damage

Rank 5: 25/25 Magic Resistance/Armor // 20/25% Crit Chance/Crit Damage

For The Lulz -

Stephen tosses out a random meme doing random damage between a min and max

Rank 1: 1-50 damage

Rank 2: 25-75 damage

Rank 3: 50-100 damage

Rank 4: 75-150 damage

Rank 5: 100-200 damage

Wall of Text! - Ultimate

Taking time to construct a wall of text. He throws out what appears to be perfectly sound logic until it explodes into insanity. Channels for 2 seconds

Rank 1: Throws 350 words at an opponent and does 150 splash damage

Rank 2: Throws 550 words at an opponent and does 250 splash damage

Rank 3: Throws 850 words at an opponent and does 350 splash damage

Dubious Mind - Passive

Due to to the weird nature of how his mind works 25% of his AP is added to his move speed. Diminishing returns still apply.

Jyde's suggestions are what inspired me to make this.
Comments are welcome. It's partly for laughes but is a serious suggestion as well. Numbers may be tweaked in future edits as I'm pretty new to this.

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Cool one. The numbers should be tweaked, though. And we should name him after the most famous troll in THIS forum.

I'd like one of his abilities to be changed to: "Nerf X plx!!!111" You can activate this ability by klicking it on a hostile hero. It will be toggled for as long as you want. You can klick it again on any other hostile hero and toggle it, though if you consider this hero needs a nerf, now ;-) How does "Nerf (since every nerd wants to nerf him, let's say) Jax plx!!111" work? It boosts the damage your team deals to that hero by x-xx%, but since this enemy is imba (and requires immediate nerfing, which unfortunately does never happen immediately) the "nerfed" enemy will deal the same % damage to you with his attacks and abilities, too. But JUST the nerfed enemy! Also, the text message of his autoattack switches to "Nerf X plx!!!111" every time he autoattacks that hero to show him the nerf bat!

Also I'd like his passive to be changed to: Ragequit - every time the nerd gets killed, there should be a disconnect-message for as long as he is dead. He doesn't ressurect, he only "reconnects" ;-)

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That passive sounds hilarious but it doesn't really have a practical use. Unless it gave a "leaver" bonus while he was "disconnected".

The nerf one seems like it would be imba itself, especially if it's so easily toggle-able. Maybe if you can use it on a hero only for a short time, so for 15 seconds or something, enough to time to set up a gank or something.