All Crit Damage runes or Mixture of Crit damage and Armor Pen??

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It depends on your target. If you're playing against zilean, who starts with 8 armor, and you want to hit him for the most damage possible at level 1, you would go shaco and buy elixer of fortitude. Have crit damage in almost everything, just 2 so that with the 6 from the offensive tree you pierce all his armor and then hit him. It would likely hit for

[(60 base+20 elixer+3damage from masteries)2.5bonus crit damage]1.05havoc or 218 or so. But that's playing to a particular circumstance. (assuming your enemy will have a zilean)

Rammus, on the other hand, has high enough armor that none goes to waste at lvl 1 and, therefore, armor pen is the best red to have against him (on a crit)

All in all, armor pen is better 99.9% of the time.
hm i see. so really depends on which hero i am aiming for also. Since when i play shaco early and mid game, i go specifically for squishies, i think i am going to stick with my crit dmg runes