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[Champion Suggestion] Rain - The Phantom Warrior

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Rain spent her entire life protecting her people. Every hour of the day she spent training her body and her mind for combat, so that when those would come who choose to harm her people she could stop them no matter the odds. Her power became great, so great that even her own people, who she swore to protect, began to fear her. Soon the people learned of a great tyrant who was on his way towards them. This menace was a nigh unstoppable killing machine and the people believe it spelled their doom. They sought out Rain telling her of the coming enemy, and she was ready for the fight. But the people felt there was no good outcome here, when both the sides contained something they feared, they felt there was no way out. So they set a trap, there was only one pass to the people's village so the plan was to get rain to fight the tyrant in the pass, then blow it up as they were fighting, thus sealing both their fates. Sadly enough the plan failed. When the fight began the people moved into position, but since these were everyday people they did not do it sneakily enough. Both the fighters noticed their presence, but since Rain knew them well she did not fear their watching, the tyrant was a different matter. It a critical moment in the combat, the explosives were ignited. The tyrant reacted instantly dodging the falling rubble, Rain was not so lucky. Crushed under the rubble she was killed, and 2 days later the rest of her people with her, as they had lost their protection. Rain awoke a week after the explosion. Though the last moments were confusing, she remembered one thing, her people betrayed her. When she went to village to seek vengeance, all she found was death. She did not care that the villagers had died, she was just insane with rage that it was not by her hand. She began to roam the lands killing all she met, to fill her everlasting vengeance, but no matter how much she killed, she still thirst for more. In the end the mindless killing led to the Fields of Valoran. Though even the lives lost in the fields are not enough, she still hungers for more. Still to this day, Rain has no idea she is dead.

Rain is a melee fighter, using a spear as her weapon of choice. This gives her flexibility in combat, and allows for some interesting abilities. Combine this with her phantom qualities and you get a very mobile melee hero.

Incorporeal Strike -

Passive - Rain physical body is long gone, her new visage gives her added ability in battle as physical attacks have a harder time dealing damage to her, increases armor by X.
Active - After being struck by a physical hit Rain can retaliate with a strike that does normal damage + the amount of damage negated by armor on the last attack dealt to her (cannot go above double her normal damage.)

Rank 1: 5 armor.

Rank 2: 10 armor.

Rank 3: 15 armor.

Rank 4: 20 armor.

Rank 5: 25 armor.

Blow for Blow -

Rain's fights with a rage that makes her care less about her own safety then killing her opponents. While active Blow for Blow gives Rain a chance to retaliate any physical attack with a attack of her own, as long as they are in range.

Rank 1: 10% chance to retaliate when attacked.

Rank 2: 15% chance to retaliate when attacked.

Rank 3: 20% chance to retaliate when attacked.

Rank 4: 25% chance to retaliate when attacked.

Rank 5: 30% chance to retaliate when attacked.

No Room for Honor -

Rain throws her spear at target enemy dealing her normal damage to them from afar. Has 0% chance to crit when the opponent is facing you, X% when they have their back turned.

Rank 1: 20% chance to crit opponent when they have their backs to you.

Rank 2: 40% chance to crit opponent when they have their backs to you.

Rank 3: 60% chance to crit opponent when they have their backs to you.

Rank 4: 80% chance to crit opponent when they have their backs to you.

Rank 5: 100% chance to crit opponent when they have their backs to you.

Morbid Flashback - Ultimate

In the heat of combat Rain remembers her death just for a instance, the memory is so strong that is recreates it for her and all those close around her. Can only be used when Rain is at X% health or under. Deals magic damage equal to Rain's current health to Rain and all those in a small AoE around her.

Rank 1: Can be cast when Rain is at 30% health or under.

Rank 2: Can be cast when Rain is at 40% health or under.

Rank 3: Can be cast when Rain is at 50% health or under.

Thirst for Vengeance - Passive

Rain Vengeance is so powerful she would kill anyone just to fulfill it, when she attacks a enemy her attacks become stronger as her opponents get closer to death.

Increases her normal damage by 5% for each 20% of health that is missing from her target.

Feel free to comment on Rain, and please be honest. Oh and sorry if the back story is a little long.

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wall of text crits you for x% over 5 seconds

I dunno I said Wow just about 12 times reading this lol
This is great but...why the name Rain?
Why not Alandra or Cassandra or something like that which makes her seem like she used to be a noble valiant warrior but is now a mysterious bloodthirsty phantasm bent on killing anything that stands in her way.