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Red's Ranked -all random Mode for Dominion Idea Below

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I think i messed up my thread on the last post so let me clarify.

Dominion ranked -all random

Join que.... game found "as you enter the game you our given a champion" you may switch with your team you can not see the other team" This is ranked mode normal mode with will work the same except ello isn't adjusted.


350+ wins or Submit rune pages for each category


The runes don't matter as long as they have to do with the four types listed above example Tanky dps may be hard but i still say you need at least 4 different rune pages or X amount of IP spent on runes..... Thats something riot and us/we to come up with but you need to understand if you can't do all four of these rolls... you really shouldn't play a ranked mode that is all random... I say a normal -ar mode is fine anyone can play... but for ranked you want to see who the best of the best our... and im not talking about the people who can only play 4-8 champs super amazing well this map gives us the chance to open it up a little and see who really can think on the fly and whose reaction time is top.........

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no to the requirement. yes to the idea of random, no to the idea of ranked