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Im REALLY excited for Dominion! But I have a some concerns/questions...

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Korica Riftaxe

Senior Member


Dominion sounds super fun and looks like just my sort of thing. I love brawls. So good job on that, Riot =D

However, Im wondering how it is going to effect classic LoL

Will Riot start to balance based on what mode is more popular, in the same way that you balance around SR instead of TT? Is it possible that Dominion might become so big that it would completely overshadow classic LoL, leaving nobody behind but some die-hard Ranked players?

Is there hope for future normal 5v5 maps? They do not have to be drastically different with new features, they just need to give flavor and variety to 5v5. Think of WarCraft III's normal games - you queue'd up for a 3v3, and there were about 20 random maps you might end up playing on. None of them were better or worse, they were just different. That is the sort of thing that I believe League players want when they say "new maps".