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Maokai- good build?

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Blues Hog



I really really enjoy playing Maoki as an AP caster! He has great burst and people will always underestimate the damage you can pump out.. I have no problems taking plenty of damage with the passive and ult in good position.

Catalyst > Rod of Ages (minute 16 is what I aim for)

Sorc boots (mercs optional obviously)

Void Staff (I think this item was made for maoki.. seriously it's that good!)

Abyssal Scepter

Banshees Veil

blahblah addition defense/attack..

I level R>E>W>Q

I would never try this in a ranked match..but it's so **** fun to play in normals. If my team lets me mid it's fun raping a malz or annie.

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Senior Member


lol off topic but should i spend my rp on totemic maokai or hotrod corki?

thanks guys (sorry for the off topic question)