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Buffs for Sion NAO

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Deafening Hyena

Senior Member


Good Sions build AP and nuke down their carries with just Q and W.
Better carries build Banshee's Veil then faceroll over those silly squishy AP Sions.

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Junior Member


The whole Banshee Veil issue is definitely a lingering problem for AP Sion, but the point in the game that you are capable of creating a carry effect and completely dominate is before a carry can afford a Banshee Veil.

By the time the carry can buy a Banshee Veil without sacrificing a lot of damage potential,
you need to have one of your other champs be fed enough to take up the slack, because Sion loses strength once champs get past the point of being 2-shotted. Though you can easily poop all over a team so much before that point that the game is essentially won, in some cases.

The answer to a Banshee Veil is to be more tanky yourself and have some CDR (just so your CDs are up more often so wasting one is less of a waste) so you can burst the bubble and then hopefully get a chance to stun. Basically BV keeps you from tower diving properly (i.e. stun and dive in with your whole team) because when the bubble is up you lose the OMG GETTIN DIVED factor.