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The Dominion Map Itself

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Is anyone else disappointed with the map itself (not the game play or anything, the actual map itself)? To me it looks like trash that was put together at the last minute. There are random buildings everywhere. Looking at the map features, it's almost as if they couldn't decide whether or not this should be underground. I get that vibe from it with the bones/pipes/mechanical stuff. Some of the buildings just look weird where they are. I get that none of this really has to make any sense, but this looks random.

To me it doesn't have enough cartoony elements to make all that random spinning building nonsense really work, and it's doesn't look polished at all.

The colors seem a bit off as well. I think with their current setup they would need to make it a sort of dusk/nighttime setting with more purples and oranges to make it flow. If not they'd probably be better off with a lot more greens and blues.

It looks like a badly made WC3 custom map as it is. It's randomly cluttered and unpleasant to look at.

Is this the actual map that's going to be launched? Or is this just some sort of beta map?

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To me, the map looks like its themed around a battle for resources in the desert. It looks like the capture points are centered around mining/water locations. I like it. It kinda reminds me of Durotar/Orgrimmar in its appearence. I think it would be pretty cool if global gold/sec was influenced by the number of capture points your team holds.