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Video Breakdown

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Å neeks

Senior Member


I looked around the forums and hadn't seen a breakdown of the reveal trailer yet, so I thought I'd make one!

There is a map for reference here - http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1056120

And the video here - http://dominion.leagueoflegends.com/

Here goes...

- 15 seconds in is our first glance at the new map The Crystal Scar. We see a team fight going down in the bottom left base. Notice how there are 4 islands of walls surrounding the node. Not sure if these cut vision since this trailer seems to have been made from spectator mode.
- In the very top right corner you can see some brush, but other than that, nothing.

So we have big open fighting areas with no brush.

- Also in that scene, notice the tower takes one shot at garen and he breaks the lock after stepping off the circular platform. This gives us an idea of tower range and defensive strategies.

- The next scene comes at 22 seconds with a view of the northern-most windmill node. Here we see what an uncapped node looks like. Also, we can see one lonely patch of grass behind the small windmill.
- Notice the glowing green stone directly underneath the big windmill. These look like they are the small buffs (speed/hp) that we have heard about from other sources. (This is confirmed from later scenes in the video)

- At 24 seconds we're brought back to the bottom-left node where we can see a ramp in the top left corner. If you take a look at the map I provided, this is the ramp from the initial spawn point of blue team (at least that is what it appears to be).
- Also, we see another green glowing stone.

- The next scene that pans through is of the top-left node. (This can be verified through the map by the big building on the left).
- Once again we see a green stone in the same spot.

- At 28 seconds, we see WW and LS capturing a node. The middle crystal-looking object raises as they channel, and a small showckwave as they finish the capture.

- In the very next scene we get our first view of minions. Its appears as if they spawn from the purplish/blue archways behind every node. Notice there is only a group of minions moving left. None moving right. Perhaps you can choose which way you want minions to move? Or they could just move whichever direction pleases them. The most likely possibility in my mind though, is that they alternate spawning one side and then the other.
- Also, we can see that the small green stone from earlier has a floating red cross above it (indicating an hp boost).
- Lastly, Ashe has a super minion with her. This could be an upgraded minion from the old summoner spell Promote (which is coming back for Dominion), or maybe there is someway to get super minions toward the end of the game.

- @37 A red node indicates an enemy-controlled node while a green indicates a friendly-controlled node.

- @39 It appears as if the super minion is hitting the node. Not sure what this could accomplish. Suggestions anyone?

Well, thats all I got for this video. Hope it helps!

Thanks in advance for the comments!

Edit: Another thread says the entire outer circle is always lit up for both teams rather than observer mode being on. I cannot confirm this.