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A great idea

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Godly Tibs

Senior Member


I think this new map/game mode is a great approach. I love how LoL is played, how it looks, etc but sometimes I'm really just not in the mood to farm minions and really just want to kill people.

Played WoW for roughly 4 months, got tired of it, and the last month of me playing it was using my twink (a low lvl with alot of good gear) and that was really fun. So you can tell i'm a pvp kind of guy, and this new approach riot is taking will satsify my pvp/competitive wants. Reason i reference WoW though is i heard this is comparable to arathi basin but the capture points shoot you haha, and i had a lot of fun playing that

I saw this other thread about how LoL is somewhat pve, and i can understand that since i find myself farming or in the jungle a little bit more then i'd like. i've played other moba games and there is definitely a lot more ganking from what i've noticed which i really wish would somehow be incorporated into LoL, but overall LoL is a better game.

For me, this beats out magma chamber, really pumped for dominion.

what do u guys think?