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Banned/New Item Speculation

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I can see Warmog's being used. At least as much as it is now. It's based on kills, and from what I've heard dying isn't as much of an issue since respawns timers are reduced for Dominion. As far as how much they've been reduced, who knows?

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The Drill is one of the sidequests that net your team buffs, like Baron Nashor on SR.
I just saw the video, and it looked to me like The Drill (and similar names) being neutralized refers to the capture points. Neutralizing them means taking them from the enemy, then capturing means its under your control. That's just the impression I got.

Also, I spied two new items under the Ability Power sorting. One is definitely called Prospector's Ring. I can't identify the other one's name, but you can see it there.

Edit: Sorry for the poor image quality. The ring is the second item down on the right, and the other new item is the sixth down on the right. There isn't any other information shown beyond that, but I thought it was neat.