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@Riot- Getting acquainted with Dominion

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First of all, good job keeping this under wraps Riot, it came out of nowhere! We really appreciate you guys taking time to talk to us about your future plans and balance and whatnot, but keeping Dominion a complete secret was also really cool. I can't wait to play it.

Now then, I'm curious how the new game mode will be integrated into the entire game, and how you are planning to introduce it to players. Will there be a new tutorial for it? Or the ability to play with bots on it? Or will we just have to jump right into PvP? I assume that many new players are going to sign up for LoL in order to try Dominion out, so I'm wondering if they'll be able to get into it quickly, seeing as how they won't know the longstanding mechanics of the LoL Champions and Items.

Answers to these questions or any info at all would be awesome. Thanks!