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Questions about new Game Modes

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Does Riot plan on bringing more game modes into LoL? Or having a Map Editor so we can create our own maps? I think it would be fun, even if you had to remove IP and EXP on the user-created maps, as they probably wouldn't be balanced.

I'd love to have more then just 2 teams competing in the same arena, such as 3v3v3v3 or 4v4v4. Or a huge map that has many fronts, like 20v20. I'm not sure how much stress this would put on the servers but over the years I've experienced almost 0 lag in 99% of my games, would increasing player capacity to 12 or 16 be too much trouble?

How about a weekly or monthly event where you can join a side (much like the Ionia vs Noxus event you held earlier, but for the whole player-base to participate in) to play against the opposite champs?

What about timed games where the team that reaches victory is determined by whoever earns the most gold?

These are just a few ideas, the possibilities are endless, I'm just curious on how far Riot is planning on expanding the game.