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@Riot some generic questions regarding Dominion

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Dr Toenail



1) Will there be co-op v ai?
2) Can you make custom games of it?
3) Will Tri-force be replaced/removed?
4) Can we still ever expect Magma Chamber?
5) Can we expect more Dominion maps (possibly of different sizes) in the future?
6) Do you need to be level 30 to play Dominion?
7) Since tele and fort are being replaced, does that mean a new mastery system for Dominion?
8) Any new types of runes coming along for Dominion?
9) I lol'd (you guys did a great job it seems)
10) Is that a new skin for Morgana in the pic with Renekton and Jarvan fighting?

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Senior Member


There will be no bots, as stated in the forth last paragraph here: http://www.joystiq.com/2011/08/04/league-of-legends-dominion-preview/

Idk about the rest.