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@Riot - Question

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l3lackie Chan

Senior Member


Hey Riot,

I just have a question, i think this new mode is a good idea. I think it changes a lot of things about the game and that isn't a bad thing, just a different thing.

However. In most competitive games you select this and that and then get random'd into a map. We still only have one map with this release. It is obv with what i have read a lot of thought and changes are being built into this mode/map.

so makes me wonder how come there has not been any new 5v5 maps for the current game created. They must be easier to generate then a whole new mode/map with banning and re balancing of gold items etc.

I think it's great that there be 2 separate competitive modes and good chance you can do best 3/5 in dominion which will be nice for tourney play. yet i feel your main game will still be classic 5v5. Having said that be cool to see new maps with different obstacles etc. different jungles pathing.

Then during tourney play you would get ur team comp then get a map and have to use ur team best way possible on that map.