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YES ADD MORE?! 155 97.48%
No it is perfectly fine the way it is. 4 2.52%
Voters 159 .


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So, there are two games I can recall that do this: L4D(2) and NoxiousNet Zombies mod for Gmod (not really a full game, but it has this). They both do an okay job, but it doesn't intensify my game experience as much as it could.

L4D's just feels like two soundbytes to tell you that either the hoardes are coming or someone's in danger, and the rest of the music just falls to the wayside.

The Gmod zombies dynamic music slides up and down quite well, but it tends to just be an audible meter for zombies in the area and does not always match game experience.

One suggestion is that, yes you can intensify music during teamfights, but definitely don't consider it as a simple "more action=more tempo" deal. It needs to be composed.

Most of the champions from each team are converging on one spot, game engine detects imminent team fight
A horn sound or bass drum hit at the first strike
Noxus/Demacia/whoever theme music
At each kill, it gets cheerier
At each death, a bit bleaker
As all die/ move on from the fight upbeat/bleary "teamfight conclusion music" plays

and please don't do this everytime there's a 1v1 or a small skirmish breaks out. SFX do well enough to provide excitement

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IMO there should be purchasable music tracks for the game if Riot wants to be greedy or just let us import our own music.

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We'll actually be talking about some of the awesome music we've done for this - all new level for LoL in general. I can't give every detail right now though :x

If you want epic call Bruce Faulconer

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A quick question regarding music. Who does the music for you guys?

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"Games wouldn't be games without an amazing soundtrack and League of Legends: Dominion is no exception to that rule. The music is designed to build in pacing and volume as the match reaches its pinnacle. Music in games that are close in score will build up even more, further adding to the heart-pounding excitement that each match offers. This dynamic music system provides for a really exciting and engaging experience, immersing players in the battle at hand.

Creating these immersive moments must have been a challenge on Riot's behalf, but they really do change the game up and make it so that each Dominion match is different from the last, keeping players on their toes." quote from Hands On With League of Legends' Dominion Game Mode

Sounds intense. Ill be grateful for having this feature. Music plays a vital role in movies, and games. I can't wait too play or listen. ^_^