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Help With Anivia

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Kyoko Sakura



KeVoN xD:
As i see your elvel 12.
I suggest you not to play her in your level, wait till you have an highter level or youget a good prem with friends, or just ood people you add to you list.
Thst is becasue anivia relays in the team, as anivia you can`t go alone you are really squishie.
By level 12 i don`t think you have much teamplay, it`s more individual skill to carry, and anivia is not a carry.

In the part of the kills/assist, it`s normal to take a whole lot of assist compared to kill.

The thinks about completing the kill is that your frotbite has a 5 seconds cooldown, and many times you won`t have it ready for a second blow, for this you will need some cdr or a great timing to go in use storm place frost bite, wait a sec trowh you flasfrost and go in again with your frostbite.

Sry for my english


Don't discourage him :/

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Senior Member


I've been using Anivia for a while, she is a beastly carry. Anyone who says she isn't suitable for mid should be shot; she has a crazy harass, good survivability, and can save anyone fleeing in the side lanes with an occasional wall. I wouldn't say Anivia is that hard to play, her passive is ridiculously OP for early ganks if you are smart enough to use it to a full potential. My win-loss with Anivia is ridiculous as well, around 14-3- and my assists nearly 3:1 my deaths. I haven't seen too many suggest this, but wall, if it is a drastic situation, can also be used to push them into getting double-hitted by Flash Frost- IMO wall is OP- you can also use the wall when you are trapping them in your ult, you wall the exit to it then flash frost the side where the champ will eventually be. Frostbite is also ridiculous, enough AP in it will let it hit 600-1000 with good enough slowing.

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Junior Member


Yes, wall can be very helpful but also very dangerous to your allies needs a lot of practice.

One more thing i haven't seen it said here is that wall can help you push objects. You can push away Teemo's mushrooms or wards i think if you move fast. It helped me clear some mushrooms near enemy's mid base entrance by throwing them into mobs, thus clearing the path for my allies.

I'll get more time in the weekend and add you for a few games.

I also tried the double rod of ages build but after a time i've changed it as i found more useful builds. Also DON't get double ROA in a match with Veigar hi's ult is based on your mana and with double ROA you get to 4000 mana.