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Help With Anivia

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KeVoN xD

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Always remember to turn of glaciar storm when it isn`t necesary .

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Ok, I see that you're quite intent on playing Anivia. I don't play her much, but I'll do what I can to help.

EDIT: I reviewed your profile, and your builds aren't bad. But try starting with Doran's Ring. Also, if your game is going badly, metagame the other team a bit. Build a Frozen Heart if Ashe or Yi is rolfstomping you. If Ryze is doing well, sell your boots and buy Merc Treads, and a Banshee's Veil. Once, I was playing Kassadin and 4 people on the other team were physical carries, with one tank. I just put a Frozen Heart into my build and it helped me go 18/9/29.

Regarding playing, if you're doing badly, concentrate on conservative play and farming until you've caught back up in levels. Levels are important for a mage since their skills scale with levels moreso than characters such as Twitch, whose damage output scales with gold input. Also, if you're doing badly, save your ganks for weaker characters rather than making any crazy plays to try to get that overfed Annie.

1) Don't take Solo Mid.
Many Anivias take solomid, but that only works well when the player knows a lot about how she works and how to deal with other mids. Otherwise she feeds.

2) Start with a Doran's Ring.
Although Anivia is decent in a lane, a Doran's Ring never hurts. It helps your poor survivability and it can help you take some hits from opposing champs and creeps. Whenever I play a mage and I expect a really nasty lane like Kennen and Morgana, I get a Doran's item.

3) Build for Consistency.
Sure, you've seen the pros strutting around ganking people from 90% health to death with Mejai's Soulstealer, Lich Bane, and Zhonya's Ring. But until you're that good, you've gotta be more careful. After a Doran's Ring, build a Catalyst and go Rod of Ages, and then go for like an Archangel's Staff if you're doing ok, or a Frozen Heart if things aren't going your way (most people your level will play DPS carries, so armor owns them). If there is a Ryze/Annie, buy Merc Treads and a Banshee's Veil.

4) Try to gank weaker opponents.
Until you've gotten good at landing Flash Frost and finishing with Frostbite, or Glacial Storm+Frostbite if they're fairly weak, concentrate on picking off weaker opponents rather than coordinating ganks on healthy foes. It's easier, and will help you practice your skills for the important ganks.

5) Don't give up.
We all have those games where we go 0-7, but don't let it get to you. Just pick another hero for a bit, then go back to Anivia.

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I'm having trouble with her Flash Frost skill. I did a little better in my last game in terms of actually getting hits and a good deal of damage, but still can't get Flash Frost to chill AND stun. I need help with where to place it. Also, I thought the crosshair was where the projectile shot TO. When I have the crosshair really close, it still goes really far and to the max range. If a champion is close to me, how do I get the chill and stun?

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Wow, you activate the spell again to explode the ball when you want. Do it right and you should get two hits in and an easy frost bite. If it looks like your flash frost is going to hit, continue to move closer to the enemy. Flash is also great for some quick in your face burst damage.

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I find that Anivia has a LOT of depth in her strategies and stuff. Hell, after playing 70+ games (41? wins) with her, I'm STILL learning new tactics and strategies! For the most part, my game scores are usually 4/2/12 or something like that. Bad games go 2/4/8. You'll find that some people play her radically differently than I do and thus have much different scores (7/7/13 for example).

Hopefully I don't overwhelm you with my technical writing x_X; I'll start with the basics, so here we go...

Landing both damage components of Flash Frost takes a lot of practice. Go practice hitting it on bots or something, and get really good at it (press Q to manually detonate the spell closer than the maximum range). You'll want to be able to pull it off by reflex, because in a game with real players, the unexpected can happen, and relying on the stun component of Flash Frost can be critical to survival for either you or your team mates in a few situations.

After that, practice landing your spell combos. Basically, Q+E, R+E, E+R. I know the last one sounds questionable, but it does work. For the last two basic combos, I think it's mainly up to player preference which one they use, although there are a few subtle reasons to choose one over the other. For now, it's enough that you can do the damage.

Eventually, you'll realize that you'll need to play mindgames with your opponents in order to land Flash Frost more effectively, as people tend to be wary about what you can do. Can't hit him because he's far away? Don't chuck Flash Frost when he's far away. He's going in to harass you? Punish him with Flash Frost! (hint: it's also harder to dodge if he's closer) Being predictable will hurt your game, whereas if you keep your opponent guessing, you can be sure to smack that sucker for some nice damage.

Don't worry too much about throwing W (Crystallize) into your combo batch, that shyt gets way harder to do, since it involves predicting what your opponent will do, and that involves mindgames. It also involves "predicting" the future if you're looking to do Q with W. But if you are determined, I won't stop you from trying. Hell, probably the only way to get really good with this fast is to actually try it.

(personally I'm pretty bad with using W as part of my combos; I mainly use W to scout the grass or block off people in the jungle)

Basic miscellaneous tips:
1.) Crystallize can actually see stuff for you. You can use it to look over walls or look into the grass. Simply have at least one segment in the desired location, and you have sight! (it tends to scare people in the grass though)
2.) Certain champions have skills and abilities that let them bypass Crystallize. These are teleports, and anything that ignores unit collision (Ghost summoner spell for instance). I'm unsure if knockups work... But anyways, it's probably not worthwhile to cast W if you're running or chasing.
3.) Glacial Storm has an instantaneous cast time. Best spell to use in a situation when you absolutely cannot stop to run from someone.
4.) Glacial Storm is great for annihilating snowballed creep waves.
5.) Flash Frost can be used to farm caster creeps (not the melee ones). Once at a sufficiently high level (4 or 5), you can send one flying and blow it up just behind the creeps for instant gold.

Anivia is able to do a lot more, given the correct specs, items, and the necessary experience.

In one case during a late game phase, everyone on my team except me got killed in a team fight (fed Mejai Fiddlesticks: press R to win!). Using my vast mana pool I've built up with Archangel's and the golem buff I got earlier, I continually chucked spells at them in an effort to slow them down. They inevitably pushed up to the inner mid turret (outer one was already razed), so I had to do my "final stand" sort of thing. I basically let Blizzard run non-stop, wasting away all their creeps as they came, doing some serious damage to their tanky melees (Mordekaiser, Garen), and managed to chase off some of the squishies by nuking them with constant Q and E. I figured "I have serious payload, might as well blow it all." So much shyt flew everywhere, and I was finally egged. But by the time that happened, the other team was beaten down, and the melees didn't hang around to eat turret damage after bashing on my egg down to half health. I survived, managed to spare the turret of any significant damage, and my team revived before the other team rode the next enemy creep wave to the turret. I'd like to say everything I did helped to fend them off, especially the -20% attack speed debuff from Blizzard. (as for the game, we finally managed to brutally shut down Fiddlesticks and pushed to victory)

In another case, Heimerdinger and Shen? were turret hugging bottom purple tower and just wouldn't give up. I decided I would come down to help my team's TF and Sion?, since I was on my way to steal purple's golem buff. And when I did, I saw that the whole place was littered with turrets. No one wanted to approach closely either because of Shen's taunt and Heimer's grenade. So what I did was quickly laid Blizzard right on top of their tower, got away to safety outside of the tower's range, and sat back with popcorn in hand. Within seconds, the place was a deadzone to the enemy team, and after leaving Blizzard going for a few more seconds, it was clear that both Heimer and Shen didn't want to go in front like they usually did, so it created the opening needed for TF to lay waste to the tower. And of course I pegged Shen with Flash Frost when he stepped into my Blizzard; he quickly regretted it as he got chain-stunned.

Having said that, it's just like what most people will say: Anivia usually can't win games by herself.

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Nihil Sine Nefas

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An easier way to land your Flash Frost is to make it look like a normal auto attack. If you're constantly maneuvering around trying to get a good shot off, anyone will be able to see it coming from a mile away. Lull your opponent into a false sense of security with a steady stream of auto attacks, then when they expect another auto attack, throw a Flash Frost at them. It's not that easy to distinguish immediately because they look somewhat similar for about half a second.

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Wow, you activate the spell again to explode the ball when you want. Do it right and you should get two hits in and an easy frost bite. If it looks like your flash frost is going to hit, continue to move closer to the enemy. Flash is also great for some quick in your face burst damage.

I'm happy someone thought to tell him this. It was all I could think of as I read his story. It took like 5 games playing with her before people pointed it out.

THe trick is especially to let the ball go through the opponent, just as it is about to exit the back is when you explode it, because this will do double the damage. The first is the pass through and the second the explosion. After a lot of AP, you'd use it like twisted fate's wild cards, only better, to destroy a straight line of moving creeps.

Golem buff. Golem buff. Golem buff. Golem buff. There is almost nothing more important, that plus some mana regen/second/lvl and an arch staff and you can run your ultimate for ****ing ever.

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honestly anivia was probably one of my best "first time" champions

no wait it was singed *facepalms* he is so beast

i don't like baldy! i don't want to pway singed!

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Q timing, and when/how to use W are the tricks. Golem buff+Chalice=30 second glacial storm, which is never necessary, but cool. Normally you don't run glacial for long except to slaughter a mob of creeps or in a teamfight. Also, another thing to remember is E has a short cd, so you could R>E>Q>E for more nuking.

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I' have around 1600 kills/1100 deaths/2000 assists with Anivia. Am playing her for a few months now.

So what people said early is what you should do. I will summarize everything and provide you with a build.

Items and order:
1. Sapphire Cristal + 2x health pots
2. Sapphire Cristal goes Tear of Goddess - MANA REGEN
3. Boots of Speed
4. Amplifying Tome
5. Amplifying Tome goes Mejai's Soulstealer - LOADS OF AP IF YOU GET ASSISTS OR KILLS
6. Catalyst the Protector or upgrade boots to next level - CATALYST GIVES HP AND MANA RECHARGE EVERY TIME YOU LEVEL >> SURVIVABILITY
7. catalyst or upgrade boots depending of what you did at point .6
9. Tear of Goddess goes Archangel's Staff - MORE MANA AND MANA TRASFORMED INTO AP
10. Zhorya's Ring - you will rarely get to this one, but if you do will hit 650 AP.
11. If you get to 11 get Abyssal Scepter or any other items that gives you as much AP as possible. - AP AND MAGIC PENETRATION AND MAGIC RESIST

You will rarely get to 10 and 11. But if you get 650 AP you will have a combo of 2000 magic damage. After 10 seconds you can land another 2000. And your AOE ult will hit for 230 damage/sec.


Level up order:

Primary is E. Get first Q at lvl 1 but then focus on E
Second is Q.
Get a wall at lvl 5. Just one.
Get Ult everytime it makes ready lvls 6,11,16.
After 16 finish off wall.

This is how you should play her:

Get Q first.

Take it chill untill you reach lvl 2. Try to last hit as much as possible without putting you in harms way.
After you reach lvl 2 you will have lots of nuke damage.

Q is your longest range spell. But it's also a slow missile so you have to time it. Only with lots of practice you'll master it so don't get worked up cuz you miss. It's natural.

So after lvl 2 try to surprise you enemy with a Q. Many times they won't see it coming cuz it mixes up with background and mobs.


This is the combo you will need to master. Note that any kind of frost applied to the enemy enables double damage for your E spell: Ashe's frost arrow, Frost Mallet, Nunu's abilities.

Every time try to get Golem Buff. With Golem and Catalyst you will be able to attack undefinetly and mop up mobs with ult to get coins. It recharges your mana way to fast. So a good Anivia is an Anivia with Golem. Moreover Golem Buff gives you cooldown reduction around 7 secs ult .

After you get ult, initiate a fight with ult to slow them down and E them. After E is recharged hit with double Q and E again. If you are confident in your damage, don't let the enemy escape and go ult+E+double Q without waiting for second E. If he will be frosted when E comes again it will hit for double damage again.

Another tactic is to block the enemy with wall, so he stays longer in your ult.


Use wall to scout out bushes so you want fall into an ambush. In jungle use walls to block off enemies either to escape or to NOT let them escape.

At low levels the egg rebirth is powerful and lets you finish up an enemy that tries to kill your egg. BUT DONT GO INTO EGG FORM AT LOW LEVEL NEAR A BUNCH OF ENEMY MOBS. THEY WILL FINISH YOU VERY FAST and you will waste the 4 minutes cd egg.

Next is practice, you need lots of games to accomodate to any champion and learn his limits. That's what gives you the edge and you will know when to go back to get a kill or just run from a gank.


Use flash to escape or get in for kills. Also at low levels 5-10, you will use it when you dive the tower to get a kill and escape unharmed because flash negates tower's fire.

Because Anivia is very slow, teleport is a must. Many times, if you go for ressuply you won't be able to come back before the enemy finishes off your tower. So is good to have TP to protect your tower. Trust me she won't make it back in time without it. Especially if you are solo mid.

Solo mid is the best option for Anivia and it helps the entire team, but if you don't master her you will loose mid and affect the whole team. So if you are not confident you can solo mid succesfully DON'T.

Otherwise you should be able to squash almost any enemy on mid. The one I had problems with, on mid, is Sivir because of her shield that makes her immune to spells and Anivia is only magic damage. Probably same thing might happen with Morgana who has similar shield.


I managed to master the slowness of Anivia and I don't get boots of swiftness but instead go for other boots for their benefits.

1. Sorcerer's Shoes - I always get this if the situation doesn't dictate otherwise. Gives magic penetration which helps your damage.
2. Mercury's Treads - If they have a lot of stunning potential on their team get this otherwise you are dead.
3. Ninja Tabi - If they have mainly DPS oriented champions this might be a sollution because of their dodge chance.

If you want some further info add me in-game and we will play some games together so you can get the hang of it.

Last notes: If people tell you (get mana regen items). Ignore them. There's no way you can get enough items to satisfy Anivia's mana thirst, without not getting AP items in which case you will have an Anivia with enough mana but no damage. Essentially an useless Anivia. So they only way is The Golem Way.

Hope it helps.