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How would you like to see Pantheon changed?

Don't change a thing! He's fine the way he is! 1 11.11%
Make him more like "Pantheon: The True Carry Killer" 5 55.56%
Make him more like "Pantheon: The Phalanx Warrior" 2 22.22%
Change him in a different way 1 11.11%
Voters 9 .

Pantheon Reworked

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This thread got buried very quick in the general forum so I figured here would be a better place to post it. With the buff or rework to Pantheon coming soon (fingers crossed) I wanted to make a thread with my humble suggestions for how to improve Pantheon. Feel free to add your own reworks to this thread and if they're in a presentable format I'll add them to the original post.

Pantheon: The True Carry Killer
by Daiowin
Pantheon was originally designed as a carry killer. This improved Pantheon allows him to fulfill that role better.

Q: Spear Shot
Unchanged from current Pantheon skill set

W: Aegis of Zeonia
Unchanged from current Pantheon skill set except it scales with a fraction of AD instead of AP

E: Heartseeker Strike
Unchanged from current Pantheon skill set except it applies a slowing effect to all caught within the cone. Slowing percentage increases with rank.

R: Grand Skyfall
Range and Channel time remain the same. Skill scales with AD instead of AP. At any time during the channel Pantheon can press R again to end the channel and skyfall prematurely, dealing proportionately less damage. For example, if skyfall is only channeled for half the time it only deals half the damage. Slow percentage is also decreased proportionately.

Passive: Aegis Protection
No longer blocks an attack after 4 attacks. Instead, After dealing X damage Pantheon blocks the next attack or single target spell with his shield. X increases proportionately with level. Pantheon is a burst damage dealer, not an auto attacker.

Pantheon: The Phalanx Warrior
by Daiowin
This Pantheon is a large departure from the traditional Pantheon, trading some damage capabilities for increased crowd control ability and greater utility in team fights. Like a true phalanx warrior, this Pantheon strengthens his allies and is strengthened by them.

Q: Spear Shot
Skill shot that applies on hit effects like criticals and life steal. Same cooldown and damage as original spear shot but increased range.

W: Break the Line
Pantheon leaps to a desired location and smashes his shield into the ground. Enemies within a small area of the desired location take minor damage and are stunned for a brief period of time. The more enemies Pantheon hits the longer the stun duration. Damage and stun duration increase with rank. Scales with a fraction AD. Can be used to leap into combat or leap out of it.

E: Crippling Blow
Pantheon strikes a single target with multiple quick thrusts, targeting vital areas. Target takes X damage (scales with AD), is slowed by Y% and has AD and AP reduced by Z%. Slow and AD/AP reduction percentage and duration increases with rank.

R: Phalanx Formation
Pantheon enhances the defenses of all nearby allies. Allies have their Armor and Magic Resistance increased. The closer an ally is to Pantheon the larger the increase to Armor and Magic Resistance. Conversely, Pantheon gains the average amount he increases his allies' Armor and Magic Resistance by. For example, if Pantheon increased one ally's armor and magic resistance by 20, one by 40, one by 60 and one by 80 then he would in turn receive a bonus of 50 to his Armor and Magic Resistance (20+40+60+80=200 divided by 4 = 50.)

Passive: No Mercy!
Whenever a nearby ally critical hits Pantheon has an increased chance to critical hit on his next attack. Whenever Pantheon critical hits nearby allies have an increased chance to critical hit on their next attack.

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Assimilated your post here ^^