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Life Steal Stacking

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I want to spam life steal items (I was still in WC3 mode this whole time – I thought lifesteal was "unique" even though it didn't say so, and that the highest value lifesteal was the most you could get, just found out this isn't the case) on a champion. Does anyone know the best champion and item order for just spamming life steal items? Obviously you need to stack some damage, but...

Also, does anyone know if Morgana's passive stacks with the unique lifesteal on the mask?

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why dont you try warwick,

item build order:
dorans blade or vampiric scepter
boots > berserkers or boots of mobility
bloodthirster (for DPS)
Executionioners calling or starks fervor

that should be every life steal in the game i can think of off the top of my head
After that you are only missing one item, if you bought dorans blade, sell it for frozen mallet, you still need the DPS and the HP gain!!

in all seriousness, the frozen mallet would be the third item, but as for stacking life steal, warwick is your man, a black cleaver is also a very good item for him!!!

other champions that would do good with this build??? Udyr? he could have some serious life steal as well with his turtle stance

in all seriousness, you dont need that much life steal I don't think but it would be fun to play around with,

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Morgana's passive does stack with Haunting Guise.