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Garen The Dominating Frontliner

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Hey everybody, this is Dyrus' guide to playing Garen, influenced through my own playstyle, It requires a fair amount of skill considering you'll be pressing item abilities instead of just your hero abilities. When and when to not use spells and abilities will be on your own judgement and playstyle.

Skill Build

E-Q-E-W-E-R-E- max Q and R and W last.

Item build

Depending on whatever item you want to start out with, the straight up way of starting it off would be with a Ruby Crystal. You want to get the gold items first for Randuin's and Shurelia's new items. (Ironic how I end up using both their items considering they're married)

Randuin's Omen
Youmuu's (Shurelias) Ghostblade
Mercury Threads / Ninja Tabi (User choice)
Leviathan / Sword of the Occult (1st choice if you're losing bad, 2nd choice if you're raping) (Then get both)
End it off with a GA, why? because it's just the best item in the game for end game.

Preferered Summoner Spells
Exhaust - Cleanse


Rune Page (Dyrus' preferred runes (does not have all of these yet either -_- ))
Reds: Armor Penn
Yellow: Dodge or HP
Blues: Cooldowns
Purple: Any of the above

How to play Garen

2.Silence the casters or people like kat, nunu, etc that do all the dmg.
3.Press W when you know you're gonna get hit hard or constantly, it'll reduce dmg dramatically.
4. Press E in the middle of groups of people or press Q to speed up to get in the middle, good for solo killing too.
5.Use ult on those with 20-30% HP, the more HP they're missing the more dmg it will do.
6.Wait for your cooldowns stop being stupid when you run into a group of 5 then all your summoner spells and item abilities are down, then it's like OOPS this isn't where I parked my car.
7.Go back to base or stay in the area. Choosing to heal off your passive or going to base is off your own judgement, use Q to move around, don't be an idiot and stay in a lane with no HP just to feed, it's better to let a tower die then get owned. Especially when you have snowball items, and a good R to last hit kill with to get charges.
8.Neutral buffs don't help as much they would on other characters try to give them to your teamates if they're smart, if not just take it for yourself.
9.Take solo mid if your team sucks. (trust me)
10.Type /taunt /laugh/ joke to provoke your enemies. (This works sometimes, be creative you're not fighting bots)
11. Profit!!!

Note: This may or may not work if nerfed. Add Dyrus In game, TSirDies on AIM, or [email]deathsofpain@mail.com[/email] or mail [email]tsirdiesalot@yahoo.com[/email] for questions and details.


http://www.livestream.com/messiahwins (will be advertised here)

http://www.solomid.net for tips and tricks on League of Legends.

Credit goes to: The team that made me realize how good this build is.