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My analysis of Renekton

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All of you are talking bull****...
I play renekton since so long and hes one of my mains and his CDS are perfect and fury 2 ! most of the time im at 100 fury and my damage is insane... i mostly finish games with 15and more kills and less then 5 deaths... Riot dont buff renek hes perfekt some people aren t good enough to understand his gameplay...
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cant even go positive in normal games lol

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Roel Yento



The problem with him is that there is no reason to use the empowerment mechanic on any other ability other then his ruthless predator. I am just trying to throw out suggestions so that way players can actually have more flexibility. there is no reason to use fury on q since the damage/heal increase is neglible and his e is nice buy you have to save that for fleeing enemy.

would be cool if his ult had an empower ability

but in all honesty I really want to see a new passive. I would be satisfied by that

I use empowered Q's to heal a bit when needed. I mean if you are low, why not? I might get some downvotes for this but in a pinch, i will pop my ult for the health, let it gain 50 furry and then heal a bit more on minions when needed too. It is low cd after all especially with cd items. Helps when holding a lane for sustainability.