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[Item Build] Heimerdinger - Optimized?

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The Fat Battler

Senior Member


I've been playing Heimerdinger a ton, and when he first came out, I went on a huge winning streak. My wait time in pubs was like 10 minutes, and I was feeling great. But I'm not going to lie, I've been pretty terrible at the game lately. However, I just want to put out a Heimerdinger build that I try to work towards each game and I want some suggestions.

I usually get Clarity and Ghost, although I have experimented with Clarity and Rally. I always go for the Utility masteries.

============STARTING ITEMS============
I want to point out that I think of item builds as "pools." One has to stay flexible, so I think you have to just choose a bunch of items that synergize with your champ, and use whichever is most necessary.

Sapphire + 2 Health Pots - 470 G
-This is my usual start. Although I hate forgoing mana regen, this usually does the trick for a good laning phase.

Doran's Ring + 1 Health Pot - 475 G
-If I'm feeling good about the game, this is what I start with. It delays my Catalyst later, but it gives me a better start.

Elixir of Brilliance + 5 Health Pots - 475 G
-I haven't tried this yet, but I'm thinking that this would make Heimer a monster harasser early game.

Catalyst - 1325 G
-This is the first item I go with. No matter what. Heimer has mana issues, and a Catalyst helps to fix those issues. It's just fantastic. It is the best laning item period. I don't even build this into anything later on, except maybe a Banshee's Veil.

============MID-GAME ITEMS============
There aren't too many choices in the mid-game, IMO. But these are good. The faster you can put the lategame items into the midgame, the better. Heimerdinger is strongest here, and he loses steam later.

Leviathan - 1275 G
-I get this item no matter what, along with Catalyst. Even if I'm not doing "well." If I'm doing absolutely terribly, which rarely happens when I play Heimer, then I wouldn't get it. But this is not just any snowball item. It also works off of assists. It's actually pretty easy getting it to 10+ stacks, especially with Heimer. Heimer NEEDS survivability, and I believe this provides him with it.

Aegis of the Legion - 1925 G
-A must-have item for any team, and Heimer makes a decent candidate for it. If someone else gets it, no problem. However, the extra stats are very nice on Heimer, and do well for his turrets, too. If someone else gets it, then that's 2000 G to spend on something else.

Sorc Boots - 1100 G
-Good idea for Missiles and 'Nades. Merc Treads are obviously another good answer if the enemy has huge CC.

ANOTHER Catalyst - 1325 G
-Think about it. Recover 600 Health and 500 Mana on level up. I haven't tried it yet, but it could work fantastically (no, I'm not dumb: the passive is not unique)

============LATEGAME ITEMS============
I will sell my Catalyst for these items (or build it into a specific item later), since Catalyst is largely useless at level 18. This is where Heimer loses power, and he needs a way to stay threatening in a short period of time. He WILL be focused first because he has no escape, and no one wants to deal with 2 turrets blasting them with DEBUFFS.

Zhonya's Ring - 3580 G
-This has priority.
-Stun and blind someone, pop a turret, get focused, pop Zhonya's. It's a neat little trick, and the enemy either has to deal with you, your turret, or your team. Plus, the AP is obviously great. Sometimes I will rush this instead of all my other items if my team is doing well so I can get the quick victory. This helps you stay a useful in a team fight, especially if you can for the fight near your forward position during a push.

Abyssal Scepter - 2650 G
-I go for this if they're not particularly stacking MR, if the game is going well.
-This helps the turrets do more damage, and I think that Void Staff is usually unnecessary if a Turret is knocking down an enemy's MR. PLUS, the MR is GREAT on Heimerdinger. He needs survivability since he has no escape.

Void Staff - 2295
-I go for this if the game is pretty even up, or if they are stacking MR.
-This will help you eat up towers and win sieges. Plop a turret near your caster minions (so it gets targeted later), and bombard the tower with grenades.

Guardian Angel - 2600 G
-This is for when the game doesn't end.
-Okay, this is sort of a gimmick, but if you die among your turrets, the enemy is a little screwed. But besides, the passive, it gives great MR and Armor, which is something Heimer needs since he's stacking quite a bit of HP with Leviathan.

Banshee's Veil - 2715 G
-I get this when they have a ton of casters who want me dead.

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Senior Member


I don't think Leviathan is that good of an item on Heimer. If you want a lot of health easy, I suggest Rod of Ages. Assuming you have a Catalyst already, it only costs $435 more gold to upgrade that into RoA than it costs to buy Leviathan. RoA gives you Health, Mana, and AP all in one. It scales with time, not requiring you to be ganking or getting a lot of assists for it to work. Leviathan fully maxed gives 820 health and RoA fully maxed gives 650 so a difference of 170 health. However if you die with Leviathan full, you drop down to 14 stacks, or 628. So die once at 20, and you have less health than RoA would have given you.

So basically assuming you are getting 20 stacks consistently, AND not losing them period, you are only getting 170 extra health vs 80 AP and 725 mana. Is saving 435 gold worth having to work that hard and not lose the stacks AND not gain AP or Mana? Probably not.

Aegis is ok. If possible, have someone else on your team get it so you can get something more useful like Archangels staff. I don't notice many Mana Regen items, Archangels can give you plenty of that and Mana and AP.