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Strange Issue, Store says I am not located in my selected Country

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PrepH Yoko



Hello everyone,

Before I begin I have had this issue before. I live in Maryland, USA and for some reason the LoL client will not accept my credit card info because apparently I am not from the USA. I am not behind a proxy. My IP even says Im from Maryland. The card info is correct.

I have sent a support ticket in, but the reply suggested that I reset my router, which I did. The problem still persists. I cannot use Paypal at the moment, because I have had issues with the service in the past and prefer not to use my personal information on it. I have visited various 7-11s. None of them carry RP cards.

I am on a Verizon FiOS connection, if that matters. It seems that the problem is not on my end but on Riot's.

Again, thanks in advance for any suggestions that could help me out.