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Champion Bundle Rework

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I tried to skim old posts to see if this was addressed previously so please forgive me if I missed a similar post. I am one of those people attracted to this game initially by its Free-To-Play aspect and initially spent much of my IP unlocking heros. Nothing wrong with this picture so far. I'm sure this is similar to how many people began their interests in this game. Now that I'm thoroughly sold I've been putting money in here and there to increase my champion selection and improve on my enjoyment. My problem is, ALL of the hero bundles have repeats of low IP cost heros I already have. I'd like to buy a bundle of champions, but none of current bundles suit me. I realize that LoL employs marketing strategies that maximize their profit and help keep the game popular, successful and sustainable, but it would be nice to see an additional bundle. Perhaps something along the lines of a bundle that is customizable. Something that allows the customer some liberty to select heros they still need or want, but still appeals to good marketing for LoL.

Example Bundle:

995 Champs x3
585 Champs x7

3500 RP

This bundle would allow the customer to get a similar deal to buying heros on sale each week, but instead of waiting and crossing fingers for that one hero to be available, they get to have what they want right away with this bundle. I realize this can make an impact on sales with brand new champs that people are still willing to pay the premium price to access. Perhaps these heros might be categorized as unavailable for bundled sales for a discretionary period until marketing feels they have tapped the greatest sales potential from it. Perhaps the bundle should be consumed in a single activation.

Anyway, something to consider from an avid follower. Please bump this thread, even add your bundle ideas to it to help Riot know what its gamers are looking for.