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WuKong the Monkey King feedback

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it is kinda amazing not that many people play him the past week

He is the first champion i bought right after it is released. so i put loads of works on him, because I just love this character.

k, back to the topic

the only thing i wanna point up is the skill. His skills are pretty good, but if you have play against this monkey couple times, he is way too easy to counter

the biggest problem i found is his Nimbus Strike (E). when he strikes, two images or illusions will sent out to attack the near enemy around the target.

this is more like an animation problem. It is hard to combo skills with his strike, I have to wait until the 2 images disappear so that the next skill can be casted. there can be a approximately 0.5 to 1 sec gap between his E and next skill. This really makes things harder to do when the gameplay is intense. In addition, even though there are 2 images, but only the WuKong himself is targetable, which means, u strike in, and u can do nothing until the 2 images disappear. any decent player can stun u easily during the gap. so you are doomed .

So, please, either make the image disappears faster, or make no gap between the next skill ppl try to use

2nd problem is his decoy. a very decent skill, can trick almost any player who first time agaisnt WuKong. There was one Shen never get how my decoy works until his 7th death

but that's not the point. the point is that decoy just like a dead body, same pose every time, just stand there.....if you play against WuKong more than twice, you probably can easily tell if it is a decoy or not. so my suggest is that, make this decoy do some action. dancing, joking, laughing or taunting, idc, but just dont stand still like a disconnected champion.

then more utility will be provided

one more thing, his passive. i dont know how to say it. It is not bad, but not good either. it is like garen's w got nerfed. is it possible to scale 4 to 5 or even 6?

ps: he does sound like master yi -___-