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TT: Divide & Conquer

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I've been facing a lot of great team compositions that are more CC oriented and not consisting of three tanky melee champs as was the initial craze.

I still find AD tanky champs to be very worthwhile, and melee'ers in general. What I have noticed is that 3 v 3 for team fights the heavy CC team is very hard to win against outright if they are all in position and playing well.

For example, my last match was against Malphite, Janna, and Zilean. My team was myself as Warwick, Jax, and Singed.

Together their team had 3 slows (one for each champ), 3 knockups/backs between Malphite & Janna, Zilean's Time Bomb's (which isn't CC, but is an AOE burst that I'm adding anyhow), and Janna's shield buff.

It became increasingly hard to breakthrough the three of them when they were together as they had so many ways to repel a straight assault in their face. I commend their team strategy. What I found to counter this is very simple. Our team had to seperate our forces to have a chance at doing anything positive. Usually that could be a suicidal thought. But for this it works quite well if pulled off correctly.

I asked Singed & Jax to distract them pushing one lane, while I took the other and pushed it. The enemy team was pushing the top lane before I went off alone to push bottom in the opposite direction. Singed and Jax on my team played defensively, and maybe it was their own greed idk, but the enemy team was able to get our farthest tower on top lane while I was able to take out their inner tower and inhibitor then pulled back. Say even if the enemy team peeled off and retreated to come after me to 3-man gank me while I was alone. I kept an eye on the mini-map the whole time and I could've easily pilled back immediately way before they could've ever gotten to me.

Moral of the story is that when facing a tough AP and CC heavy team your best bet is to make them divide up so that they are weaker. Their strength is while being together to overwhelm you. When apart our melee DPS team was individually stronger than them, except for maybe Malphite during certain portions of the game, who was played very well by Andrew.

Thoughts on this idea? I know it doesn't apply to all games, but the more and more I see Zilean and Janna, the more I like to branch off and make them divide up themselves and constantly play the double lane push & feint game with them, escaping away into the jungle or pilling back before they get to me.