Gragas Discussion!

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Reasons whys I like AD Gragas more:
- seems stronger in longer games than AP, since I never had the feeling of doing substantial amount of damage with barrels on 18 as AP Gragas
- I consider the ult as a utility spell, more useful for the knockback than the damage. The slam benefits from AD, and the rage helps with AD too. So the only thing I miss as AD Gragas are the barrels, which I get last anyway
- in the low elo games I play, the slam is often understimated, since people only see it beeing used vs several smaller minions most of the time. Once you got some equipment though, if you hit a single player, it deals very nice damage

The only downside I see of AD Gragas is, that you can't harass that well early on.

Now I'm pretty new to the game myself, but as spells I use Ignite and Cleanse or Ignite and Flash. And as items I normally get a brutalizer first, then boots and then tooth. If I take lots of damage I then get trifoce next, otherwise something like IE.

Seems to work ok for me. As runes I simply take those I have, since I don't really got any choice anyway on lvl 24. :P

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Hybrid for me. Gragas's base damage is already pretty high, you mainly just need attack speed.

Nashors - Merc Treads - Guinsoos then whatever. Banshee's if you need durability, sheen -> triforce is good for damage, Rylais if you want to go AP for some reason.