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Ap Cho Gath help

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I play cho as my second, and play a pretty mean tank, so i was wondering about an AP cho, cus i've heard its pretty cool and since im familiar with cho i wanted to try it out.

So my question is about items, what should i start with? should i rush a rod of ages? is Mejai's viable for cho? ect. Give me some item suggestions for a AP cho if you would, thanks.

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Seventy Times 7

Senior Member


I run a pretty solid AP Cho as my main, and what I'd say is

(1. Don't try AP cho if you can't get mid solo.

This is because with AP cho you can one shot the wraiths with rupture for easy cash + heals, so you're going to farm wraiths on both sides while also holding mid.

(2. Summoner skills - Teleport + Ghost/Flash

I prefer flash, because you can quickly kill a person with a rupture/scream + flash-feast before they can run.

(3. Masteries - 21/9/0 or 0/21/9, I do the 0/21/9.

You don't want to lose your stacks, that's a huge setback. Also, the exp boost does wonders on mid solo AP cho, i regularly get 5 levels higher than anyone else in the game if laning phase goes long.

(4. Items -

(1. Dorans ring - extra life + the mana regen you need to lane. What's not to love?
(2. Mejais
(3. Sorc boots
(4. Zhonyas if laning phase is over, haunting guise if it continues. Guise adds pen, life, AND makes rupture heal even MORE life from killing creeps.
(5. Rylais (get void staff if they're stacking M-res, otherwise get rylais) Scream/Rupture just get that much more painful.
(6. Banshees or Force of Nature if they have M dmg, Thornmail if physical. Lichbane if they're incredibly ****ty and you want to be lulz.

Skills -

then Feast>Rupture>Shout>Spines, in order of importance for lvling up.

Basically, the result of the AP cho is a beefy tank, with good melee dmg (100+dmg spines), a heavy 1500-1800 dmg spike that pops up, silences, and slows, a 1k dmg melee spike (Feast), and can heal ~1/5 of his life by killing a creepwave.

For actually playing him, make sure you spam rupture on the caster minions, trying to also hit enemy heroes in the same rupture, early on you may have to hit them once with your spines melee attack to finish them. Same for wraiths. By abusing carn like this you can regen your mana while out farming anyone else in the game.