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Boost for Morgana

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the 0.5 sec cast delay on the snare needs to be removed if she wants to have any chance of landing it vs competent opponents. the snare travel speed needs to be upped given how rediculiously reliant she is on it hitting.

her damage needs to go up, she goes through all that trouble for that huge mana cost to do next to no damage without blowing her ult. if they wont up her damage at least revert the ult CD back to 60, its her only reliable damage.

i know her movespeed is getting uped but bith the snare and pit need a massive mana cost drop, i know the pit is getting one but the snare seems to be the biggest waste of mana in the game since it will only hit a person whos allready CC'd

and lastly the shield, its the only shield thats restricted to a damage type and after all the nerfs and the heavy intake of all these new all physical damage champs why does still only block magic damage? also can we finnaly fix the crippling bug of red buff slowing through black shield, it really is gamebreaking for morg, cant even risk an overextend in lane vs a junglers since my shield wont do ****.

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bOoBs N sOaP