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XP boost

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What's the best way to use a 7 day xp boost.

solo queue vs players
vs computers

thx, trying to get lvl 30 asap

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Normal games usually give you more exp and ip.

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The new system mostly gives XP/IP based on minutes played.

Custom games - the worst value per minute. Setup time is very fast if you play AI vs you and AI, and this is a great way to practice jungling and new champs. But it doesnt give as much XP and is limited per day.

Coop vs AI games - you are guaranteed to win for the most part (past level 15...low level AI games are awful!!), and you get more value per minute than custom games. Limited per day though.

Normal games - highest value per minute. Setup time is fairly fast on Normal, except for the queuedroppers and slow-loaders. However, you have a good chance of losing which affects your XP and IP gain.

So I'd recommend practicing your jungling and new champs on Custom mode and vs AI mode until the limit on both are reached, and then playing higher intensity normal games with champs you are good at.