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Any Warwick builds for TT?

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It sounds like you lane with Warwick. Is that right? Smite is very useful on TT. Extremely useful. You need it for the larger camps on top map, Dragon, Lizard early on. Also in more competitive games stealing becomes important and more precisely, avoiding getting your buffs stolen or worse, yourself ganked in the process.

It depends. I usually get the first level in a lane, then I go where I'm needed while making sure to grab all the buffs. I can grab the lizard buff at level 3, or I can do it at 2 if I'm willing to go home after. I generally don't try for the dragon before level 5 unless I have some help.

I don't like to just jungle cause the solo laner against the two can get pressured. On top of that, at level 3, with the lizard buff, I'm ready to try for my first gank. Also, I tend to solo que, so I can't always count on my team mates to take up the slack if I'm not there.

Honestly, I tend to spend more time ganking then jungling. I go wherever I think I can apply the most pressure while keeping the buffs for my side.