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Leona - A Simple Guide

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As I've a fair bit of success with Leona the past few days so I thought I'd share my build and ideas.

The theory behind the build is build enough damage to be a worthy threat, when combined with her kit, while being tough enough to tank a few champs and/or turrets.

Masteries: 0-21-9 using Ignite and Flash
pretty standard for me, one offensive spell and one movement spell

Runes: Magic Pen Mark, Dodge Seals, Magic Resist Glyphs, Movespeed Quints
Magic Pen increases ability and item damage, dodge and MR are standard tank runes, and move speed is personal preference.

Skills: W,Q,E then R>W>E>Q
W toughens you up early and allows us to stack health for the laning phase
E before Q as it's AoE, better for your passive, and can clear whole creep waves at once when combined with W.

Core Items: Regen Pendant and HP pot - Philo Stone - Heart of Gold - Boots (Merc Treads, Lucidity or Ninja Tabi) - Sunfire Cape - Wit's End
sustain, increased gold income, defense and a noticeable offensive boost.

Post-Core Items:Randuin's Omen, Shurelyias Reverie, Force of Nature, Madred's Razors
Choose based on how team fights are going:
Enemy not dying? - Razors
You're dying? - Randuins or FoN
Enemy team always escaping? - Randuins or Shurelyias

That's all I got for now, please comment/critique

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1: CDR is incredibly important for Leona simply because her weak-ish AP ratios (but 3/4ths AOE) mean that she needs to be using her spells as often as possible. A frozen heart is absolutely necessary on her, and then some other mix of CDR (IE: Morello's evil tome, runes, masters, w/e)

2: Madred's Blood Razor is not something you should be buying, period. It's an AD carry's item, not a tanks. Yes, yes, it has armor. That's about it though, and it'd make more sense to pair it with Malady then Wit's End. Unless the enemy team is almost straight AP the MR from Wit's End is going to go to waste when you already have W, and you have merc treads, and you expect to get Force of Nature.

3: If the enemy team keeps escaping its not really your fault assuming you can land your abilities. Leona has low movement speed, has to get slower boots, and most of her abilities simply make for poor pursuit abilities. It's fairly easy to simply out-range a Zenith Blade mid-cast if not out right dodge it since it's hit box is so tiny.

Realistically you should be aiming to build 3/6ths defense, your boots, and then 2 offensive-ish items (IE: items like Abyssal Scepter, Lichbane, and Rylai's Crystal Scepter which are somewhere in between offensive and defensive items.)

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I also like to get Philo Stone and HoG early just because I feel like Leona really needs that extra Gold as she is fairly item dependend and not that great at farming (or lane-control).

merc treads for boots

As for sunfire cape... I think its made for Leona. It gives her so much value: more life, more armor and that much needed extra dmg.

For MR I would either go Banshees if enemy team has not many but nasty spells or FoN if they are pretty AP heavy.

Other than that, Leona really needs HP with something like Warmogs. Her W combined with Sunfire Cape and one of the MR Items above gives her plenty resist to work with.

for the last two items you can go for Shurelya's and something that fits the situation i.e. Atmas vs scary carries (the build above gives you plenty life).

I dont think doing massive dmg with Leona is an Option atm, we will see what patches may change. Leona initiates, blasts her bubble into enemy team for resist and her passive, stuns carry and lands her ult at the right time and place. Her skills do to less dmg and have to high CD to really hurt and get attention and forcing her to do dmg is not wise because she will loose her tank/initiate potential and if you can get Leona do dmg with your items you failed at picking a carry because the money you need would make every carry into a nightmare.

An other option is to look for an 40% CDR build so that you may use your stun one more time in every teamfight.

You could go for Frozen Heart, but i dont like the fact that it gives no health and you stack so much armor.