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Leona runes

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What do you guys recommend? I'm going cool down reduction glyphs, for sure, as I feel like she really benefits from them for more stuns in team fights.

I feel like I also need extra health since she feels pretty squishy to me, and barely reaches over 2k HP by level 18 unless you have a lot of health equips, which isn't always so easy since she also needs armor/magic res.

Someone recommended gold per 10 quints, but I'm not so sure about those, even though she's bad at farming.

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I don't see armor penetration or magic penetration helping her damage that much so I rather have auto attacks be faster for her. I use:

Mark - Attack Speed
Seals - Flat Armor
Glyphs - Magic Resist/lvl
Quints - Flat HP or Movement Speed

I usually start out with a Regrowth Pendant into a Philosopher Stone then work on the Heart of Gold. Afterwards, depending on the damage output of the opponent team, I will get Sunfire Cape, Force of Nature, etc. I also like getting Ionian boots on her instead of Mercury Treads.

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I like Health for Quint as she gets resists from her W skill and Health makes it worth it.

I like flat MR for Marks because the little extra dmg is not worth some more MR which can make a difference in a teamfight.

Dodge for Seals as they the best Runes against AA imo.

at least 5% CDR from Glyphs, rest MR per lvl. I need those 5% to reach my CDR cap and MR per lvl on Glyphs is really strong.