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Anivia strategies and Builds

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Hi guys!

Last week I finally had the IP required to buy Anivia, which I gladly did. I saw the spotlight, but I felt that I needed to know more about her. So I'm posting this thread to ask about possible items builds and how to deal with other chars because I tend to feed too much.

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Mana crystal 2 HP
sorc boots
rod of ages
archangel staff
rabadons hat
abyssal scepter/void staff depending on how much mr the other team has


basicly your gonna want to mid as anivia early game try to get as many cs as possible, but dont worry if your behind the other mid as your either gonna beat them using abilities and be oom or be a little behind b/c of slow AS and be ready to kill. You can harass with the q/e combo early but watch your mana as your skills cost a lot especially levels 1-6. Once you hit 6 you will zoom past enemy in cs due to r,q clearing a wave in 1 second. If you keep harassing most times you will get a few kills or take their tower down a lot or even all the way if they keep going back. after that you will be a power house, using Q to harass and lock down people for r,e kill.

Characters usually lose to anivia, only ones that will beat her are hard cc characters with the ability having a decent cd such as brand, fiddle, and a few others. Also ganks are very bad for her as early egg means no more harassing without chance of death and early egg has a negative armor and mr passive which leads to easy egg kill. other than that she is the counter to many other mids like vlad, malz, annie, etc. gl