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Playing to Shaco's strengths

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I recently bought Shaco, adoring the style and aesthetic of the character

however, I am freaking terrible with him

I cant really figure the character out. I feel useless in the laneing phase, and unless there is someone actively breaking up the enemy formation, I feel useless in team fights
Im too fragile to trade blows with anyone, ad if fall behind even the smallest bit, I just get eaten alive
And even on the assassination side of things, he just doesnt feel nearly as effective as twitch, or even Jax, at catching and killing stragglers

as best I can figure it, my only real advantage as Shaco is his teleport (which is still really buggy)
everything else feels really lackaluster, and im squishy as they come

Ive read a number of guides, and none of them offer much help
can anyone offer me some tips on playing this champ succesfully?

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I too have recently purchased Shaco because I thought he would be pretty cool.

He is pretty cool.

But, beyond that, he is a difficult champion to master. While I don't have a lot more experience than you with him, I can offer some tips that I've picked up.

I usually try to build a sheen early on, and get one point in Two Shiv for the throw. I use it offensively to be aggressive and push them back a bit. For a few levels this works well, then the damage slightly starts to taper off. My lane partner does his thing, and we can usually arrange a gank. Having a tank with you to take their focus does wonders, and a Blitzcrank is like your own personal feeding station with two legs.

Shaco is great once you get some AD and a little bit of % crit chance. I mean big numbers, and with a Last Whisper/Infinity Edge combo, you're wrecking tanks and anyone who thinks that stacking armor can stop you.

Naturally, you don't want to be a front line man. You're the clean up guy who falls behind a bit and lets the team take the brunt while you pick off the ones who try to port back. I would never suggest taking on a full health champ 1v1 unless you have an item advantage or you know that you can fulfill the kill.

Beyond that, there's not much I can say. We all have good games and bad games, so try to have fun and don't let numbers dominate your playstyle. If you win, who cares how many kills you got?(Not saying don't be a team asset, but still.)

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TGF Keun

Friend of Urf


Well ok, it is pretty easy to stomp with shaco once you get the hang of him. But playing him well with the team and knowing what to do in certain situations is a little more difficult. I suggest you keep playing and exploring Shaco.

Attack speed is pretty meh on Shaco, the only attack speed item if necessary should be Starks Fervor. You want either Bloodthirster, Infinity's Edge, or Black Cleaver depending on the situation. Boots is situational, magic resist or armor, so merc or tabi. You don't want just pure damage though, you want things that can help you survive when your deceive or hallucinate isn't up. Don't throw your Shiv unless its to slow or kill someone from a far. Place your jacks in places where you want awareness, prevent ganks, prevent escaping, or help escaping.

Your deceive can help you escape a lot of things but it is buggy right now so watch out. If the opponents expect you to deceive one way, try to go the other way. It helps to think tricky.

In team fights you are never in first, if you have to go in first use your hallucinate. You aim for the main target or squishy. You put pressure on them, but only enough to have them waste their abilities or ways of escaping. You don't fully commit unless you have to or you guys are winning. You are a good chaser as shaco also.

You can take the lizard or golem buff from the very beginning by placing 5 jacks in a certain area. Grabbing lizard or golem should depend on whether you think you can grab first blood or not.

You can take elixir of fortitude if you want for first blood, but I wouldn't recommend it. It usually only works when the other team is oblivious. Elixir is good throughout the game though, gives good boost of stats. If you have 300 extra gold, buy an elixir and use it at the right time.

Good starting items are dependent. I usually go boots with all hp for golem buff, boots with 2 hp and 1 mp for lizard buff. if you already have a jungler that wants a buff in the beginning take meki, it will allow you to spam your shiv a bit in a lane against harassers. shaco needs to farm, but kills are important too. don't risk yourself for the kill unless you are more experienced though.

skill order, I usually go jack first, then deceive, then shiv. I level shiv till 3 because it can do a good amount of damage early game. especially to squishies, then from there I go with how I feel. Hallucinate doesn't need to get to level 2 until you need to keep using it.

For item build it is dependent as I mentioned before. For summoner spells I always have exhaust. The other one is either ignite, or clairvoyance if team doesn't have it. Or teleport too, that works well. If you play well enough you shouldn't need flash or ghost.

It is easy to get side tracked with ganking with shaco, just remember that when you aren't in a lane you are losing experience. Killing with shaco isn't guaranteed when the other team knows how to play. Also in 1 on 1 fights you have to be aware of where the other team is, escape routes, and if you can even stay in a 1 on 1 fight.

When hitting anyone make use of your 25 percent extra damage by hitting from the back. You can clear jungle pretty quick too once you get your first bf sword. Don't forget your jacks!

my item build is usually in this category: boots (situational), bf sword , low survivability item (chalice or glacial shroud), and then high survivability item (guardian angel or banshee's, etc.) and then i usually pick up another bf sword. the bf swords turn to one of the three power house ad items. its your call which one you get.

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shaco just needs a bloodrazor to dominate a game, thats it.