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Game locks up. Fps drops to 0.

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I've recently been coming across a problem that's been totally random.

I'll play for a week solid... no problems. Then one game the game will do the strangest things. FPS drops to 0. Alt tabbing out takes forever. As soon as I alt tab, everything resumes. I can hear everything going at normal speed.

I alt tab back in. It runs fine for maybe 2 seconds, then it freezes up. When I alt tab out, my left click acts as a right click on my desktop.

I also noticed when I'm not having the problem, alt tabbing out, then alt tabbing in causes things to go turbo for how long you were tabbed out (I.E. The lock icon, skill level up selection, etc...)

Even after I restart my computer problem doesn't fix itself. It just sometimes takes time and then it's fine again for a week. This is the ONLY game that gives me a problem.

My computers not overheating, I checked. Ran norton, registry boost, defragged, super antispyware, malwarebytes, norton, updated all my drives... everythings kosher on my end and i'm still having problems. I have no clue what's going on...

As I said it's totally random, although 90% of the time it happens when I first enter a game or within the first 10 seconds.

This is becoming a real pain because I am not a leaver, but I gained probally 20 losses in the past month because of this. I also just purchased a 2 week IP boost and will be pretty upset if it's wasted. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(DxDiag Enclosed)