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Ranged AD Carries- a question.

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Im Bill Cosby

Junior Member


In the current meta, ranged ad carries are essential to any high ELO team comp. The problem is, the ranged carries are not at all balanced. Downvote me as you wish, however i am simply stating my opinion on the matter.

Id first like to talk about the main problem here. When at dreamhack, what ranged carries did we see? Ashe and Corki. Those (were) the only two viable range carries at dreamhack because they outshined the others so hard? Is there something wrong here?

In addition, it is fairly well known that Ashe was overall better than corki, but nonetheless corki was the only ranged carry that even came close enough to ashe to still be a viable pick in High ELO.

So after dreamhack, Riot saw this problem and nerfed corki and ashe. However, as many of you well know, the nerfs were not at all balanced. Ashe got a tiny early game nerf with her ult cooldown. Corki got tons of damage nerfs and his blind got taken out.

Soo let me get this straight. Ashe got barely nerfed, being the stronger of the two, and corki got much more nerfed, being the weaker of the two? Basically, ashe is now the ONLY viable range carry in the game. is this correct? Out of all of these carries, (plus one i am probably forgetting), only ONE is viable?

Miss Fortune

Sounds an awful lot to me like riot doesnt want to nerf ashe because everyone and their dog who plays ashe will cry about how she was underpowered anyway. Which is what, 5% of the community? In any case, it is not fair, so please fix this riot.

Note- I realize this is very poorly written.

TL;DR- Ashe is now overpowered compared to other ranged carries, but riot doesnt want to nerf because she is played so much. Upvote if you agree the other carries need a buff or she needs a nerf.

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Well you forgot twitch and teemo but they aren't really used in high elo anyways....

Now as far as why ashe is used and the others aren't that comes from ashe is the only one with a stun (global even), as well as the ability to kite and permaslow.

Corki has no cc at all unless he gets a frozen mallet, but his damage is more constant.

Caitlyn has a great early game, and falls off towards the end unless redic fed. She has good escape mechanics, but her ult isn't worth much in a team fight.

Ezreal has no cc, a short range, and falls off late game.

Miss Fortune is item dependent and by that i mean she needs to be fed to be useful. Her ult isn't worth anything in most team fights since it's a channel and there is always at least 2 hard cc's in a match.

Tristana is also item dependent and needs to farm well to make her late game good. Her late game is great, but the build up to it is very long.

Vayne also is a short ranged, with a knockback/stun. She is just so squishy that positioning her in team fights is crucial and most people screw this up, thus she isn't used.