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Skins that I'd like to see

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First of all, Captain America Pantheon. It's just too full of win to go untouched. With the release of the movie, it would be not only a great seller, but look freakin' awesome.

Secondly, I'd really like to see a Commando Vayne. With the current Commando skins, only one champion (Lux) is ranged. Vayne was born in Demacia, so it makes sense that she would also have a Commando skin. I can understand if Poppy does not (as she is not originally from Demacia), but I feel that Vayne really needs to have a Commando skin in order to have a viable team comp. I mean, let's face it: four melee and one ranged champion is just not going to end well, despite how tanky the melee champions are.

Gangplank should have a skin from Pirates of the Caribbean. Whether it's Barbosa or Jack Sparrow, it would be too awesome not to see.

Also, Wukong should have a Rafiki skin. I mean, there's a monkey in the League now, it makes sense that he should honor a very famous monkey.

Additionally, Brand should have a Ghostrider skin. We obviously can't include the motorcycle, but it would still look awesome.

Other than that, I conclude my suggestions for skins. However, I would really like the Winged Hussar skin to be available again for Xin Zhao. Is there any chance that it will be on sale again or not?