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[Champion Suggestion] Bogarth - The Boogey man

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The basic concept behind the hero is that they are a mage assassin. They pick a target and give them nightmares. All of Bogarth’s abilities effect that target. This hero would be strong against their target and week against heroes that aren't their nightmare'd target.

Give your target nightmares dealing 100-300 damage over 30 seconds
30 second cooldown Cannot be reduced by CD reduction
Can be activated while still on the target to it's damage again instantly and remove the nightmare.
Gives vision of your target while active.

Your Nightmare'd target and all other enemies that have attacked you within the last 3-7 seconds take 150 damage and are feared for 1-2.5 seconds

Spooky Shadows
Long range Skill shot. Shadows of hands and tree branches head for the enemy Dealing 90-200 damage to all enemies it passes through.
Does 1.5x damage if the target couldn't see you when you cast it. (FOW)
Can activate while in flight to teleport to where the shadow hands are and deal 1/3 damage to all enemies in the area every second for 5 seconds. Does not move with Bogarth.
Deals 1/2 damage to your nightmare’d target.

Ultimate - Boogey!
Immediately teleport to where your nightmar’d target is and reduce their armor and magic resistance by X.
Your nightmare skill if activated in the next 3 seconds also slows the target and refreshes it's cooldown to 0.
Any time your target dies Boogey's & Nightmare's cooldowns refresh to 0 and he gains 25% of his max mana back.

Passive - Joy of the scare
Every 5th attack or spell on your nightmared target does 1.5x damage.