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Counter-intuitive Abilities on Wukong

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Two counter-intuitive behaviors with Wukong's abilities:

The first counter-intuitive behavior is that Wukong's Ultimate seems to be weaker than other similar non-Ultimate abilities. Unfortunately, Wukong's Ultimate (which bears a striking resemblance to Garen's famous spin-to-win Ability, as well as others) is far easier to interrupt than that non-Ultimate counterpart. This is counter-intuitive, as one would expect an Ultimate to be better.

You could say that I'm comparing apples to oranges, but recently, in a thread where the players were trying to consolidate all of the bugs they had noticed on Wukong, Riot Nyandalee stated that a seemingly counter-intuitive behavior on Wukong's "Decoy" ability was intentionally coded with that behavior because Riot wanted consistency with Shaco's "Deceive" ability:

When you stealth, you drop aggro which resets the jungle mobs. Even though a clone takes your place, you are the target attacking the jungle creep and thus, when you stealth, that aggro is dropped. If you notice, the clone does in fact draw aggro when he does his spin at the end of the duration.
(This is similar to how Shaco drops aggro when he stealths... even if there is a champion standing there, if the champion doesn't attack the mob, the mob will reset.)

The second counter-intuitive behavior is that the way Decoy interacts with enemy Champions gives the player the impression that Minions/monsters will begin attacking the decoy that is created. While this change would not really be a noticeable buff of any sort, I feel that if the ability behaved in this way Wukong would be not only more intuitive but also this would help him to be a solid jungler without any real buff in his stats.

Riot: Please consider these issues.