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HeimerDinger, The Club Owner.

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I Slamd your dad



You know what guys.
I just realized something.
Heimerdinger, Ak, The Club Owner. Do not need a boost.

Wtf TryVagisil? What stupidities are you telling us?

Well, my answer is quite easy.

You just don't know how to master him.
He is hard to play;
- Slow walker
- Squishie like a puppy
- Highly dependant to his turrets
-Noob ult

Well Guys, this is why he is hard to play! You need to kno whow to use him, and he is maybe a tier 1 champion, but he is very under estimated. Trust me, I always play him in Rank saying: " Guys, No hate please. Just trust me." And We win. well, not always, but still got 65% win with a tier 1.

So, I guess he doesn't need that much a rework, I think Eve and Panthy need one before The club owner!

Just my 2 cents
Its HeimerTIME! *****EZ

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Senior Member


And here I was thinking it was a skin suggestion. Heimer in a suit with turrets being armed bouncers