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Anybody playing AD/AS kennen ?

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yesterday i finally bought him and started learning, though i switched to just simple AP build and only it actually worked really great..
at first i was doing ad/atk with some weird items like phage, brutalizer, malady(lol) and so on, though the damage was actually good(pretty much like dps TF), but something not enough.
after few games of ad/atk and kinda failing it i went to full AP with haunting,sorc,mejai,rylai and abyss scep. and i was the #1 carry in that game, well it was probably good team composition(shield from AP janna and ali stuns with heals), but i kinda liked it.
though ill try getting sheen and trinity, that's pretty much how i make and dont fail with ezreal, maybe it will work on kennen as well